PCA Chemical Peel

PCA Chemical peel


Have you ever thought of getting a chemical peel but really are not sure what to expect?  The name itself sounds a little intimidating and frightening, honestly it is the best treatment you can do!  I did a set of 3 peels, called the PCA Ultra Peel 1 with Dr. Pollei in Beverly Hills. I wasn’t really sure what to expect I had done a peel before but it was pretty mild and I had some flaking but not a lot.  Before going in they told me to expect to have two to three days of real peeling.  If you are in LA or Orange County I highly recommend you seeing Dr. Pollei for a peel he is extremely knowledgable and also works very closely with PCA so he is constantly up to date with everything that is new that is happening with the brand.

Who can do a peel?

Anyone, men and women alike do chemical peels.  Whether you have sensitive skin, dry skin or acne there is a peel for you.  If you don’t know which peel is right for you that’s ok, you can meet with a professional in your area and talk to them about your skin type and goals are and figure out a skin regimen for you.   Anyone you has PCA products is trained with PCA so you can feel confident that they will pick out the right peel and skin care products to use for your after care. It is really important to use the products after your peel because you can reverse skin damage and get your skin looking its best.

What to expect:

At the office depending on how sensitive your skin is, you can feel slight tingling or warmth from the product.  It is not painful at all.  It is a really simple application.  It a few swipes of the liquids and you’re done.  It takes just a few minutes to apply.  The first day you can go about your day as you normally would.  For women, I wouldn’t recommend you reapplying your makeup after the peel.  I would just leave the peel on, it leaves your face looking glowy like if you just had a facial.  The next day or two you can expect peeling usually by the third or fourth day you will be done with the major peeling. The fifth day you might have some slight flaking around the hair line.

What a chemical peel will do:

Helps with acne if that is your concern even very severe cases.  It will help with pigmentation which is my major concern.  Chemical peels also help soften fine lines and wrinkles, helps with skin damage, scaring on your face and more.  What you’ll get is better skin texture, brighter skin and with continued use you can get the skin you always dreamed of.

My experience (Lots of photos, and they aren’t pretty)

When I got to the office I talked to Dr. Pollei about my skin and what products I use on my skin and he picked out the Ultra Peel 1 because I do use  a lot of products with active ingredients and my skin is quite resilient.  If you have sensitive skin PCA has a peel called Sensi and that is made for sensitive skin.  Dr. Pollei is a plastic surgeon so right away he knew that my skin would be fine with the Ultra Peel 1.

pca chemical peel

My first peel didn’t peel right away on the second day it started peeling on the third.  Except your skin to feel very tight and then to start peeling around your mouth first and it will move outwards towards your cheeks than hairline. DO NOT peel off the dry skin!  If you must trim it or you can use cool water and wash it off. It will fall off really easily.

pca peel pictures

You will need to stay at home for a couple of days so if you have a free weekend it’s great to do this on a Thursday or Friday. My first PCA peel I stayed at home all weekend as when it came to my second and third peel I did go out with my face peeling and when people would look at me I would just let them know I had a chemical peel and that I was ok.

chemical peel photos

It doesn’t hurt at all when the skin is coming off.  It isn’t even uncomfortable, the flaking just looks bad but doesn’t feel like anything. I really recommend doing a set of peels like I did for really amazing results.  You will see results just after one peel but I saw incredible results after three and I hope to continue with more peels to see if I can get rid of all my sun spots and some fine lines that really bother me.

Here are photos from my second peel, the first photo is the peel freshly applied.

chemical peel


This is the peel just starting to peel on day one of the second peel.

chemical peel before and after

Day two of the second peel:

pca chemical peel

Last day of peeling:

best chemical peel

The third peel I did peel a lot faster and it was done in two days compared to my first peel which in total was about 4 days.

pca chemical peels

This next photo looks awful but when you see the after you will go book some chemical peels.  I am obsessed with skin care and I have tried everything, nothing beats doing a chemical peel because it is also not invasive like doing a laser.  I haven’t done laser but all my friends who have say it really hurts.  This only takes a few days for brighter and prettier skin.

pca skin care

Now look at the after of three peels.  I have zero makeup on and only the skin care products that I am using from PCA and SPF.


pca skin care


Results are incredible and pretty fast.  You can do a chemical every 4-6 weeks. I feel that my skin also feels firmer after doing these peels.  My after care products that I have been using are the Hyaluronic Acid Boosting Serum, C&E Strength Max, Intensive Brightening Treatment just used at night, and the Silk Coat Balm moisturizer. I also use the SPF from PCA which is great and very light weight.  These products can be used without doing a peel as well, you will see a huge difference in your skin after using them.  You and your skin will than me!

Now go book a peel!

You can go to PCA and find a professional or order these products online, PCA SKIN.

Dr. Polleli is located at 153 S Lasky Dr #1, Beverly Hills, CA 90212, (310) 556-0119