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I definitely do not get enough spa days.  Escaping to Ciel Spa is incredible, I had always wanted to try a treatment there but never got around to booking an appointment.  I finally had the chance to experience the spa and not only did I love it, it exceeded my expectations.  Entering the spa you feel like you are on a mini vacation.  The feeling in the spa is so zen that even if you are having the worst day you could step into Ciel and your entire mood would change.  This is one of the places where you leave all your worries at the door. The atmosphere is tranquil and elegant, with long white drapes and soft white sofas to lounge on it really is a place you can escape. Ciel is located in the SLS Hotel in Beverly Hills and whether you are visiting or local it will become one of your favorite spas to visit. From the moment you step in you will feel pampered and never want to leave.  The spa was designed by Philippe Starck with the idea of recharging your inner spirit and enhancing your well-being by being in Ciel. Your mind and body will be at ease when you walk through the doors.

Ciel Spa by Pearl Recovery Retreat and Wellness is also an after care luxury wellness center.  If you have had an elective surgery and want a place to recovery they provide nursing care and customized medical attention.  It is amazing if you had cosmetic, reconstructive or another elective medical procedure.  They have skilled post-operative nursing attention 24-7 at Pearl.

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I had a custom facial done when I visited Ciel and all the facials are all done with a French skincare line, Biologique Recherche. Which is an amazing line of skincare.  I have only tried a few small samples but loved them.  The brand focuses on customized, results-oriented treatments that come from pure, raw, concentrated ingredients in the products.  My custom facial left me with brighter and glowing skin. My facial started off with a skin assessment test.  The test will tell you about the elasticity in your skin, wrinkles, sun damage and more.  It’s amazing, it will also tell you if your skin is dehydrated and this determines what you need for your custom facial.  My skin was slightly dehydrated and my pigmentation were the two major concerns.  Katerina who did my facial talked to me about some of my skin concerns and went over my assessment with me and then we began.  The facial was so relaxing not only was it on my face and neck but she also applied products to my chest and arms. My skin looked more radiant and fresh immediately.  I love the glow I had and would love to come back for another treatment.  The custom facial is so great because it will be customized to your skin needs and if you have things that you want to work on.  At the end of the facial they give you a print out of your skin assessment and can help you get a skin care routine to help achieve your skin goals.

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There are three facials that look amazing at Ciel that I would want to try are the Remodeling Face Machine (Biolift), this treatment sounds like a mini face lift facial.  I also want to try the VIP 02 Facial, which is an oxygen facial also it exfoliates your skin to give you brighter skin. The last one that caught my eye is the Biopuncture Facial, which sounds  like micro needling which I have never tried. Ciel also offers cupping which is something that I have always wanted to try and you can add that on to any massage! Sign me up! They also offer IV Therapy Treatments and a variety of body treatments which all sound amazing and I want to try them all especially the Algae Detox Treatment with the P50 Body Polish.  Ciel also has a Hyperbaric Treatment that sounds amazing. I will also tell you that Ciel has the best robes, they are so comfy and soft that I wanted to take one home!  You won’t want to leave or ever take that robe off.



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Some Highlights:
  • Five Spa Rooms, Couple’s Suite & Relaxation Lounge
  • Herbal Steam Rooms, Experience Showers & Custom Massage Beds Equipped with Music Therapy Technology
  • Co-ed Relaxation Lounge Featuring a Signature Menu of Healthy Snacks Created by Chef José Andrés
  • Men’s & Women’s Locker Areas with Separate Steam Rooms
  • Treatments Begin with Custom Aromatherapy Blends That Provide Ultimate Sensory Pleasure
  • Treatments Featured by French Skincare Line Biologique Recherché


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I will definitely be returning to Ciel, it is my favorite now and it will be yours too. I’m headed to Vegas soon and I’m tempted to take a spa day at the SLS in Vegas!


Ciel Spa is located at 465 S. La Cienega Blvd, LA CA 90048, (310) 246-5560

or go to their website Ciel Spa at SLS.