The A List: Rebecca Moses

Rebecca Moses


Rebecca Moses is a renowned designer and artist. Currently she has collaborated with Alcantara, an Italian company that is known from making a modern sustainable material that is used in a broad range of industries such as automobiles, tech companies and interiors in addition to fashion.  The collection Rebecca has designed ranges from hand painted dresses, capes, a turban, skirts, and accessories.  The accessories are fun and colorful ranging from handbags to jewelry.  She also hand painted and illustrated faces on mannequins for her installation with Alcantara. When you think of Alcantara you don’t necessarily think of the brand as a fashion label until you see what can be done with the fabrics.  From dresses to trench coats, Rebecca really brings the fabric to life with her designs and art.  It’s amazing what can be created with this sustainable fabric you would never think that the same material could be used as an interior of a car when looking at a dress or a cape. The accessories are really fun and easy to wear, I love how colorful they are and how lively the line feels.  Rebecca’s creativity and art has really shined through this capsule collaboration with Alcantara.

Today Rebecca shares some beauty tips with us!


Name: Rebecca Moses

Hometown: New York City

First Job: Designer for Pierre Cardin Coat & Suits

Dream Job: Exactly what I am doing – CREATING

One beauty product that every woman should own? Red Lipstick

One beauty tip you learned from your mother: Moisturize

I don’t leave home without: Concealer, Red Lipstick

How is working with sustainable textiles different?

There really is no difference in designing with sustainable materials… just a clearer consciousness!

What has been your favorite item you have designed with Alcantara?

It is so hard to say what item was my favorite, since I think I created over 100 different categories. It’s like asking me what child is my favorite!!! It all has been very exciting creative collaboration. But if I have to say one that is memorable it would be the stuffed animals.

How I relax?  Showers, Baths, Massages

Always in my fridge? Almond Milk

Guilty Pleasure: Pasta

Beauty product that should be invented? A cream to make you smile!

Beauty Tip for our readers? 

Beauty is all about how you feel from the inside…empower peace, empowerment and happiness.  A happy face you can’t paint…it comes from within. Be kind to yourself…remember perfection is not real or fascinating.  Imperfection is to be embraced.

Follow her on Instagram @rebeccamosesofficial.