Christie Brinkley Newest Makeup Collection

christie brinkley authentic beauty

Christie Brinkley just expanded her skin care line into a cosmetics line, Christie Brinkley Authentic Beauty which launched Feb 8th. I love makeup up that I can use day to night which is what this line is designed to do.  This line is easy to use, you don’t have to be a makeup artist to get the look you want.  I love how all the shades are very easy to wear, and easy to use. Also, the packaging is so beautiful I love the rose gold.  It will really stand out in your makeup bag.

Usually when I try a several products there is one that I don’t really like or I could live without.  I love all four products that I tried. The eye shadow palette that I used is Prime Time Day To Night Nudes, I love the colors in this palette.  The lightest color is a warm soft nude (I know in the photo it looks white it’s not), and then the colors gradually get darker with the darkest color being a dark brown with golden shimmer in it. The shadows on very easily, I love the brush that comes with it one side is more flat and the other side is more fluffy so you can easily blend and build color if you wanted to. The photo doesn’t do the palette justice, the browns in the set are very warm and rich in color. You will love them. The mascara is amazing, In A Blink Instant Volumizing Mascara has peptides in it to help strengthen your lashes.  What I love is that the mascara never looks clumpy on the and it makes your lashes look lush and thick. The Sun-Kissed Bliss Sheer Powder Bronzer is my new favorite bronzer. I am bronzer obsessed but I hate how some bronzer’s are too shiny and some are too heavy looking.  I love how this bronzer gives you a hint of color without looking too sun kissed and how it goes on matte.  It has been part of my every day routine and I have it in Burnished Bronze, and the color is flattering and would look great on all skin tones. Finally, the Strobe Show Natural Glow Stick Highlighter. I love this highlighter, I love how it doesn’t look too shiny but gives you enough shine that it highlights your cheek bones, I used it on the bridge of my nose, on my cupid’s bow and it looked so pretty.  The color I used is Champagne Glow, which is a golden tone which I prefer for highlighters.  I think it gives your skin that pretty candle light glow.  It comes in stick form so it is really easy to apply and you can easily blend it with your fingers.

Using these four products has made my getting ready time a lot shorter and when I travel I just pack these and it I don’t have to have really heavy makeup bag which is what normally happens to me.  Now I can use these and achieve the looks I want with minimal products.

Learn more about the collection here, Christie Brinkley Authentic Beauty.