Lash Extensions at Arianna Montazem

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Going into Arianna Montazem’s Lash Lounge I knew that Megan Kiley was going to be challenged with making my lashes look full.  My day to day I usually wear strip lashes but my lashes are always getting pulled out when I take my lashes off. I wanted to give my lashes a break from the wear and tear of strip lashes and decided to get lash extensions.  I have been wanting to get lash extensions for a long time now but haven’t because I felt I didn’t have enough lashes because and I wasn’t giving them time to regrow.  When I was making my appointment I told them I have very minimal lashes and she assured me that they could make it work. Walking into the appointment I didn’t think that Megan would be able to do much with my lashes that are very sparse. Megan is wonderful, she talked to me about what I wanted and what we could do.  I told her I knew realistically that I didn’t expect my lashes to look super full because I know how damaged my lashes are.  She assured me that they would look good.

Megan really takes her time when applying lashes and listens to you. She asks me how I do my makeup and what my day and night looks are.  She will help you achieve the look you want.  Megan makes each lash fan individually and I told her to do what she thought would look best.  We did a custom volume set. As you can see there is a huge difference, so even if you have a few lashes like I did she can make magic happen.  Even if I let my lashes grow out they would never look as good as the way Megan did them. The lashes make my eyes look bigger and doe eyed.  My lashes look so good that I might switch to the lash extensions instead of strip lashes from now on. These are the lashes I wish I was born with.

Book an appointment with Megan at Arianna Montazem Lash Lounge.  You’ll be glad that you did!

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