Lipstick Queen’s Newest Collection Dating Game

lipstick queen Dating game


Take the guess work out of the dating game with Lipstick Queen’s super cute collection, Dating Game. The collection is four really creamy and pretty pink colors.  The lipsticks contain shea butter so your lips feel so soft so whether you are stealing kisses on the first date or are on a date night with your hubby your lips will always feel soft and kissable. I love the colors because whether you are in a flirty mood or you’re feeling like a vixen there is a color to suit your mood.

The first color I tried is Good Catch, it is a really pretty full coverage bright but soft pink. This color is filrty and the pink is great to wear in day or night.  Even if you tend to wear a lot of nudes or reds this is a pink that you will love.  The color would be flattering on all skin tones.  The photo makes it look like it would be really dark on it isn’t, it’s a really love soft pink.


lipstick queen lipsticksMr. Right is a really fun bright pink.  It is also a full coverage lipstick.  I love how this color is really warm.  This is color will definitely have you turning some heads.  It’s sexy and fun.  It’s perfect for spring and summer! This color will definitely brighten up for face.

lipstick queen lipstick


I thought I might not like this color because it looked like it might be purple.  Mr. Right Now is gorgeous on.  This is going to be my go to color for the evening.  If you want an extra boost of confidence throw this on.  The color is bold and bright, it has more of a magenta color to it.  I’m obsessed!

lipstick queen reviewsWho doesn’t love themselves a bad boy now and then? I love this shade Bad Boy, this is a sexy hot pink with hints of fuchsia in it.  If you feel like being a rule breaker or heartbreaker this is the color for you.


It’s hard to pick a favorite in this collection, every pink shade is different.  So I guess you have to get them all to fit your moods!

Find them here, Lipstick Queen.