Nails Inc. Overnight Detox Mask

nails inc.

I have fragile nails. They always peel and break and they don’t really grow very long.  I have always wished that I could grow my nails long and now I can.  I tried Nails Inc. Overnight Detox Mask.  It is filled with healthy ingredients such as Green Tea, Acai, Spirulina, and Chlorophyll.  These antioxidants will help detoxify your nails especially if you do gels all the time or get acrylic nails. This mask will help strengthen your nails, make them healthy and help them grow naturally.

You apply it before bed because it is an overnight treatment. It is easy to apply, use it like you would paint your own nails.  The applicator isn’t a brush it is like a lipstick tester wand that you would use at Sephora.  The texture is not like polish but more like a gel liquid that soaks into your nails instead of drying on top. The mask is infused with antioxidants to repair and regenerate nails. Making your nails healthy again.  I have seen a big improvement on my nails since I have been using this.  Go and get your nails healthy again!

Find it here, Sephora.