5 Facial Mists You Need Right Now

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Do you use a facial mist for your everyday skincare routine?  You need to!  Here are the reasons why, facial mists help you seal in that extra moisture.  I have been using different mists for years now and I spray them consistently all day long.  Not only will your skin feel softer it will look brighter, healthy and glowy.  Some facial mists also have aromatherapy in them so when you get that mid day slump just a few spritzs can really boost your mood.  When you consistently use a face mist it helps keep a protective barrier that slows down the collagen breakdown so in the long run you will keep that youthful glow.  With constant use of your facial spray you can skip your makeup primer and some will help as a setting spray.  Don’t worry you can spray all day long under or over makeup.  I keep a facial spray in my bag at all times and if my friends are at lunch with me and I think their skin is looking a little dehydrated I will spray them! Here are five facial sprays that I am using everyday and I am obsessed with.


osea skincare

Why I love Osea Sea Vitamin Boost, it feels so refreshing on.  The spray goes on evenly and it is filled with anti-oxidant rich organic algae that helps hydrate skin.  It also contains Resveratrol which fights anti-aging and gives you a more radiant complexion. It is a superfood spray for your skin, it also has ingredients that fight against environmental aggressors like pollution. Also, living in a desert climate like LA it helps keep my skin hydrated at all times.

Find it here, Osea Sea Vitamin Boost.

jurlique skincareI love the smell of roses! I mean who doesn’t?  Jurlique’s Rosewater Balancing Mist is great for all skin types it feels really light on.  It absorbs quickly and the scent isn’t overwhelming.  If you have skin that gets stressed out you need this.  It will help balance and soothe your skin. Spray it throughout the day when you need to feel refreshed. It will leave your skin feeling hydrated and soft.  You can also use it to help blend your makeup for that airbrushed look.  I really want to try the lavender mist that they have too!

Get it here, Jurlique.


avene thermal spring water


Avene Thermal Spring Water is perfect for those who have super sensitive skin.  It will never irritate, it is free of fragrances and naturally soothing.  It also helps take out redness from your skin, so you can use it after a really tough workout, travel or any outdoor activity.  If you get itchy skin it will help calm it, it is so gentle that you can use this on infants. It has a natural pH of 7.5. It’s a must have!

Find it here, Avene.

target beauty

This Botanics Toning Spritz is amazing.  I love the scent it has a really light and gentle rose fragrance.  You skin feels hydrated immediately after spraying it.  It is also 100% organic! It is a great way to start your day with this spray because the fragrance really helps improve your mood.  It really uplifts it.  I love soft it has made my skin feel and how glowy it looks after using it!  It’s great for all skin types and will help with dry skin.

Get it here, Botanics.

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This toner really has the most unique fragrance out of the list.  Pangea Organics Italian Green Mandarin and Sweet Lime has a aromatherapy feel to it when you spray it.  It is a really refreshing fragrance to it.  I spray it in the afternoon when I am getting that mid day slump. This is great for normal to combination skin, it helps with tissue regeneration, if you have acne scars it will help heal them.  It also helps with increasing firmness in your skin and circulation.  I am dying to try the other two facial mists from Pangea Organics!

Find it here, Pangea.