One of America’s Most Haunted Places Room B340

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Have you ever wanted to stay in someplace haunted but that wasn’t too scary? You can now!  The Queen Mary recently renovated the most haunted Stateroom on the ship, room B340.  It hadn’t been used in 30 years since the 1980’s and in April on Friday the 13th they have made it available for guests to stay the night.  My friend Bridget and I were one of the first guests to stay in room B340 and it was a lot of fun.  Bridget and I love all things spooky and scary, we love going on ghost adventures where we can ghost hunt and explore the paranormal.

Bridget Marquardt

haunted hotels

The Queen Mary is one of the top ten most haunted places in the world.  Visitors have seen, heard and felt paranormal activity on board the ship.  Bridget and I checked in and went to our room.  The room is updated so it doesn’t have original furniture in it.  It now has quotes, photos that decorate the walls.  There is also a Ouija board, crystal ball and tarot cards in the room if you feel like contacting the spirit world.  If you are feeling extra daring you can go into the bathroom where you can play bloody mary.  On the wall of the bathroom there are directions on how to play.  Bridget and I did it on Instagram Live and when we said bloody mary for the third time everyone said their phones froze!

But you don’t have to stay in B340 to find ghosts.  You can wander the halls of the ship and take ghost tours that are also really fun.  We did the Ghosts and Legends tour which tells you history of the ship and touches on some famous people who use to stay aboard The Queen Mary such as Winston Churchill, Liberace, and many more. You are encouraged to take photos in the mirror of the walls and in the halls because you may see an image in your photos afterwards.  On our tour Bridget and I were walking in the back of the group and I felt a cool air across my face and saw a figure walk by me in a dark corridor and then saw no one was there so I thought it was my imagination and right when I was about to say something to Bridget she said, “OMG did you see that? I saw legs!” I then knew we both saw something.  Right where we were there was a sign on the wall that someone had a paranormal experience in the same location.

room b340

Room B340 has its own activity like someone knocking on the door, the lights turning off on their own, the water in the bathroom turning on and off, unexplained doors shutting, and the covers of the bed being pulled off while asleep and waking to see a dark figure standing at the foot of the bed.  We didn’t experience any of that unfortunately but next time we will probably have to play the Ouija board to see if you can call on the spirits. This was such a fun experience and if you are a thrill seeker and want to have a spooky experience staying in Stateroom B340 is a must. I also recommend adding a tour to your stay there

bridget marquardt

There are also other fun things you can do on The Queen Mary such as, the Paranormal Shipwalk, Dining with Spirits, and Paranormal Investigation.

I know you want to stay here to experience your own paranormal activity! Book, Stateroom B340, here.