Glen Ivy’s Newest Remodel

glen ivy hot springs


If you live in the Southern California area you probably have heard of Glen Ivy Hot Springs. If not, it’s a day spa that has natural healing hot springs. They have recently done a remodel to it adding a new salon where you can do facials and a cute little bar where you can enjoy cocktails or wine during your visit.  I love spending the day there and recently went to try their new facial and their newest massage which is a foot massage.   If you need a little escape from LA or Orange County this is the place to go.  You will feel revived, rejuvenated and refreshed when you leave.


glen ivy hot springs


I started my day off with a light breakfast and wandered around the spa checking out the variety of pools, the healing mud area and seeing all the new amenities that Glen Ivy has to offer.  One thing that I have not tried at Glen Ivy is the Grotto which is a moisturizing treatment that you do after Club Mud.  I would also like to relax at one of their new cabanas that look so nice.

skin regimen skin care


After exploring the property, I headed to my first treatment which was my facial.  I did The Classic Solution. Which is a customized facial, depending on what your skin needs they will focus on your skin concerns.  At Glen Ivy they use a line called Skin Regimen.  This skin care line is created for people who live in urban areas because when you live in a city your skin is exposed to more stress and pollution.  This line is amazing and you can buy it at the store in the salon. The facial is finished with a facial massage to relax your muscles and stimulate energy flow. Leaving your skin looking firmer and glowing.

glen ivy day spa

The massage I did get was the Sole Focus Massage.  It is a very relaxing massage treatment that focuses on the feet.  You lay done on the bed that is so warm and cozy and then just let all your stress melt away. Glen Ivy uses a technique called Zone Theory it stimulates points on the feet that improve circulation, stimulates mental calmness and relieves physical tension throughout the body.

If you want to have a really great day at the spa, you should try these two services.  You will love them and feel and look like you went on vacation for a week because you will be so well rested.

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