Pucker Up It’s National Kissing Day

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It’s international kissing day!  Kissing is great for your health, it helps you live longer, it helps you have clearer skin and you even burn calories while kissing! If you want to get your lips ready for all the kisses that will be stolen today then follow the directions below! I have made sure that you will have the softest most pillowy lips.  I’ve also picked out some colors that will make your pout perfectly kissable.

Start off with a lip mask.  I have been using two different lip masks recently StarSkin Dream Kiss Lip Mask and Rodial Dragon’s Blood Lip Mask. Lip masks are great because they give your lips a shot of hydration, they are quick and easy to apply and will make your lips look fuller and softer. These also make for great lip primers before lipstick.

best lip masks

StarSkin has great masks, Dream Kiss is plumping and hydrating.  It is made with coconut juice that really makes dry lips hydrated and soft.  You can find it here, StarSkin.

best lip masks

Rodial’s Dragon’s Blood Lip Mask has hyaluronic acid in it which helps with anti-aging for your lips.  It will help diminish fine lines. Get it here, Rodial.

If you don’t have 15 minutes to spare to do your lip mask don’t worry.  I got you covered! These three lip treatments that I have picked out next are perfect to wear alone or before lipstick.  These are also great to apply throughout the day to keep lips soft and moisturized.

algenist collagen reviews

I am currently obsessed with Algenist’s Genius Liquid Collagen Lip. It’s a vegan collagen lip treatment that will make your lips look fuller and help get rid of lines in just 10 days.  It has a ceramic tip that will gently massage the collagen into your lip.  Unlike lip plumpers this doesn’t tingle at all.  It also has long lasting results not temporary ones. Get full kissable lips here, Algenist.

glossier lip balm reviews

If you want more of a balm Glossier’s Rose Balm Dotcom is for you.  It’s great because you can use this for more than just your lips you can apply it to anywhere you have super dry skin.  I also use this before bed as a lip treatment, like an over night mask.  I wake up with healthier and softer lips.  I keep it in my bag for flights and love that it has a barely there pink tint. Buy it here, Glossier.

zoella lip oil reviews

If you want less of a balm and are looking for a lip oil, then Zoella’s Splash Botanical So Soft Lip Oil is a must.  It contains almond oil, jojoba and argan oil to nourish dry lips. Find it here, Zoella.


best lip liner

Before applying your lipstick or lip gloss you need a good liner.  Sometimes it’s hard to find a perfect match with your colors so I suggest Grande Cosmetics Stay Put Invisible Lip Liner. You apply this before any lipstick or gloss and they will never bleed.  Don’t look messy! Get it here, Grande Cosmetics.

clarins water lip stain reviews

If you just want a hint of color Clarin’s just came out with a Water Lip Stain which is aloe vera based so it will really hydrate your lips.  It comes in four different shades, the color that I really love is Rose Water (01) which is a barely, there just bitten a piece of fruit type of look.  So summery, you won’t feel it on your lips at all so you can kiss day to night. Find it here,  Clarins.


stowaway cosmetics cheek and lip cantaloupe

If you just want a hint of color and don’t want to commit to a lipstick then you need to try Stowaway Cosmetics Cheek and Lip Rouge in Cantaloupe.  This is just a hint of color and it is so feminine that you will want to wear this all summer long.  You could also apply this to the apples of your cheeks to get a summer glow.  This color is flattering for all skin tones. Get it here, Stowaway Cosmetics.

cle lip powder reviews

Have you ever tried lipstick powder? Cle Cosmetics Melting Lip Powder is so innovative.  I love it in Barbie Pink, in the bottle it looks super hot pink but when you apply it the color is really soft and pretty. I have never used a lipstick like this, it’s pigmented powder that you apply on your lips. Pro tip: You can use this on your eyes and cheeks too.  It’s amazing, be careful when apply at first because it can get all over the place so i recommend you gently tap it in the bottle then apply.  I love it because when you apply it, it feels wet and cool, when it dries it is a soft pink and feels totally weightless on. Buy it here, Cle Cosmetics.

givenchy le rouge liquide reviews

If you want to be totally bold you need to try Givenchy’s Le Rouge Liquide in L’Interdit (309).  There is a reason why people are obsessed with French Beauty.  It’s chic, it’s sexy while being totally effortless.  That’s how I would explain this new lipstick from Givenchy.  It gives your lips a soft velvet finish, it’s semi-matte and completely mesmerizing. You can find it here, Givenchy Beauty.

urban decay hi fi shine reviewsurban decay hi fi shine reviews

If you are all about that shine then you need an amazing lipgloss like Urban Decay’s Hi Fi Shine.  I am currently using two that I love Obsessed (left) and Fireball (right). I love that it plumps up your lip without a burn it has a fresh minty tingle.  It also doesn’t feel sticky at all on your lips. you can wear these alone or on top of another lipstick.  When you give a kiss to someone today their lips will tingle with this on and sparks will fly. Get it here, Urban Decay.


Now pucker up and kiss away!