PCA HydraLuxe Cream

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It’s summer and your skin may be a little drier than normal.  No worries! You have just found your new best friend, PCA Skin’s HydraLuxe face cream.  HydraLuxe will moisturizer, correct your skin imperfections while reducing the signs of aging, softening and hydrating the skin.  A good moisturizer is an essential step in your skin care routine.  If your concerns are anti-aging and dry skin you need to add this to your skin care products. In a nutshell it will help improve your skin’s moisture and retain it, reduce fine lines and wrinkles and improve skin fullness while plumping it.

The way HydraLuxe works is that it contains snow algae which is an anti-aging ingredient that promotes skin youthfulness that also helps reduce environmental damage and hydrates the skin.  Snow Algae also helps reduce water loss that’s how your skin stays hydrated and protects your skin from environmental damage.  HydraLuxe also contains the ingredient blend IQ: Adaptive Hydration that responds to temperature and humidity to optimize hydration levels. The Chicory leaf extract that is in this, is  a botanical that strengthens the skin’s skin cell structure and reduces the signs of aging.  Peony extract maintains and improves skin volume, and supports long-term healthy skin so you will have more youthful looking skin making it look fuller and more plump. HydraLuxe leads to visibly softer, smoother and hydrated skin in changing environments.

If you want to look more youthful and have a glow, you need to try this!

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