Lashes with Zohra

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I might be more lash obsessed than some people, I wear strip lashes every day and look for big, wispy lashes that will make me look doe-eyed.  After seeing a friend of mine have the sexiest cat eye lashes, I asked her where she got them done. She told me about Zohra Lashes, her lashes were exactly the look I wanted. So I made an appointment.

In the past I have had my lashes done and I have walked away disappointed because my lashes look very natural even when I express that I want big full lashes. So going into the appointment I knew what to expect because I have strips a handful of times.  If you have never had lash extensions done here are some tips. Go into your appointment eye makeup free so that you are ready to go, also remember you will have your eyes closed for an hour or two so be ready to relax.  If you have sensitive eyes express that to your lash stylist and also come in with a photo of lash looks that you like.  Getting lashes doesn’t hurt, it does take some time so be prepared for that, and then there is maintenance for your lashes for the next 4-6 weeks to keep your lashes looking on point.

Zohra did my lashes and we talked about looks and what I could achieve because I don’t have a lot of lashes to start with! We went with faux mink lashes they look darker on and the style I choose was a cat eye which is shorter on the inner lashes and they get longer towards the outside of your eye.  Time went by really quickly because Zohra is really fun to talk to.  She made me laugh the whole time and before I knew it my lashes were all done.  It’s been one week later and my lashes still look perfect and full.

Some tips on keeping your lashes looking good after your appointment.  When you wash your face don’t scrub your eyes, be gentle.  Lashes fall out with your lash cycle.  When you get out of the shower gently dry your lashes then brush them out.  When you sleep try to sleep on your back.  If you follow those tips your lashes will look amazing until you get a fill or if you just wanted to try them out once.

Book your appointments with Zohra, she books out weeks in advance and does incredible work! You’ll love her.


Zohra Lash is located at, 22323 Sherman Way, Canoga Park, CA. To make an appointment call, (818) 900-2955