Atelier Nallik

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Have you always been interested in healing crystal jewelry but could never find fine jewelry pieces? Look no further and meet Atelier Nallik. These gorgeous necklaces are all one of a kind and inspired by nature.  They are raw stones such as Rose Quartz, Rubies, Aquamarine, Dark Sapphires and so many more.  These untreated stones are clasped by 14ct and 18ct gold, silver or brass settings.  Each stone she chooses has healing properties and you can find one or more to wear not only will they look beautiful on but will help you clear out your chakras, energy or attract love depending on what you choose.


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Atelier Nallik is designed by Jean Linda Balke, who is originally from New York City but now resides in Berlin. She sources stones from local people while traveling around the world and all her metals are recycled gold, silver and brass.   She creates these one of a kind pieces around the stones without interfering with their natural shape. Keeping each piece individual and unique. Each stone has a story where she discovered them.  If you are unsure on which stone to choose, Linda is very good at helping you narrow it down.  She helped me chose mine.

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I chose Apatite set in gold. I love these fine jewelry pieces that also have a purpose.  Whether you need to feel more spiritual or just want to get grounded there is a necklace for you. The stone I chose is sourced from Brazil and is a stone that increases clairvoyance and helps you to see the truth.  This is a great manifesting stone, and stimulates intellect, clears away confusion, negativity and helps you achieve personal goals.  This stone will also open up the doors to the universe making anything possible. It can also speed up your metabolism, great for those who are looking to achieve weight loss goals.  It can also help with spiritual awareness.  Ever since I received this necklace in the mail I have not taken it off. Also, every where I go people stop and ask me about it.  I now have my eye set on another one of Atelier Nallik’s pieces, which is the Ruby in Zoisite.  Go to her website and check it out.

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All of her pieces have meaning and are beautiful.  I love fine jewelry with and edge.  You can layer these pieces together or with other necklaces you already own.  I know that once you get one, you will be like me and not take it off.

gold and opal necklace

sapphire and gold necklace

You’ll fall in love with Atelier Nallik like I did and want several pieces from her collections.

Go explore her page, Atelier Nallik.