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Did you know that your DNA can tell you what exercises and diet you need to do based on your genetics?  I recently took a Pathway Ome DNA test to see what I needed to do for my diet and exercise. This was my very first DNA test and I was a little nervous about it.  It was really easy to my surprise, they send you a swab test and you swab the inside of your cheeks and then send back the test. That’s it, then you wait for your results.


pathway ome dna test

This photo is my actual results so this is for my DNA.  I learned that snacking is in my DNA and that it’s not just a bad habit. I also learned that I need to increase some of my B vitamins because my body doesn’t absorb it like others can. My DNA also told me to have a low carb diet if I want to lose weight, that I am lactose intolerant and that I have a gluten sensitivity that I never knew. I love talking to Pathway’s nutritionist because she gave me a detailed explanation for my results which really help me understand what to do to live a healthier lifestyle.


pathway ome


What’s interesting is that I followed a lot of things that were in my DNA diet already.  I do a low carb diet because when I do eat carbs my body doesn’t feel great and I gain weight quickly and lose slowly.  I also don’t do dairy because my body doesn’t react well to dairy.  The test just verified that I was doing the right thing and also helped me think about things I need to start doing like drinking less caffeine.

pathway ome dna

The second part of my test was the Fitness IQ.  Learning my results were really interesting.  I was disappointed to learn that I am more likely to regain weight that I have lost and this is very true.  I can lose weight but if I stop working out I gain everything right back.  I also found it interesting that it could tell you what parts of your body that you should be careful about because of injury and I do notice that if I don’t stretch my hamstrings out that they will be tight for much longer than other parts of my body.  I also always wondered when I take a high intensity exercise class why I have such slow recovery even when I am in my best shape and that is part of my genetic makeup.  The test has inspired me to workout a little harder so that I can lose weight and to stretch always after my workouts!

If you are looking to learn more about your health and how to live a healthier lifestyle or maybe you want to diet Pathway Ome is a great test to try.  It is tailored to your genetics and can help you learn your diet, what you need to lose weight, or what vitamins you need to add.

Turn learn more about your DNA head over to Pathway Ome.