Holiday’s With The House Of Krigler

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When it comes to elegance and luxury the House of Krigler is the epitome of fine fragrances and now candles. Since 1904 Krigler has created perfumes that have a loyal following.  Some notable clients include Audrey Hepburn, F. Scott Fitzgerald, royalty from around the world and many more. The newest fragrance and candle that has been added to the collection is Bouquet Baroque 217 and Good Fir 11.


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Bouquet Baroque 217 is a lovely fragrance that everyone will fall in love with.  It’s the perfect Fall/Winter fragrance because it is warm and inviting with a touch of romance.  It has beautiful floral notes that include Violet and Jasmine which make the fragrance smell fresh.  The woody notes that are in Bouquet Baroque 217 are cardamom, incense, sandalwood, musk and amber and this balances out the floral notes.  Giving the fragrance a very sensual feel.  The fragrance is very elegant but also very modern.  This would be the perfect addition to a cozy cashmere sweater because you are never fully dressed until you spray perfume on.



Good Fir 11 will make you want to snuggle up next to a fire place and share a glass of wine with a loved one.  The scent will make you feel like it is a cool winter night and gives you the happy memories of the holiday season.  Each Allegra candle is filled with a high concentration of perfume so the scent is very rich and beautiful.  Ben Krigler designed the glass vases and they were inspired by Provence where he grew up.  What I love is that you can get the glass vase refilled or you can use it as a decorative piece in your home. This is a must!


You can find these online at, Krigler or there is a store at the Four Seasons in Beverly Hills.