Nassif Medical Spa: Coolsculpting

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We all have areas on our bodies that no matter how much you diet and exercise you just can’t get rid of the fat.  These stubborn areas can now be removed by doing a noninvasive treatment!  So no more lipo and no recovery time.  Nassif Med Spa in Beverly Hills is where I did my first CoolSculpting Treatment. I would love to say which A List celebrities go here but I don’t think I can but I have seen them in the office. I have a lot of trouble areas but the two that bother me the most is my flanks (waist area/love handles) and my back bra area.  No matter how much diet and exercise I do those areas are never gone.

CoolSculpting is a nonsurgical treatment that freezes fat cells and gets rid of them.  It is a great alternative to liposuction because it is noninvasive and will help sculpt areas of your body.  This procedure isn’t to lose weight but if you are close to your ideal weight to help get rid stubborn areas that don’t respond to diet and exercise.  I’ll be honest I am not at my ideal weight but this has really encouraged me to go out and start a new workout routine and motivated me to not let this procedure go to waste.  If you are like me and haven’t done any real exercise in a year and need something to get you jump started this would also be a great reason to try CoolSculpting.

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How it works is that the cold helps destroy fat cells. The cold can cause blood vessels to constrict and reduce blood flow, the vacuum that is applied to the area pulls inflammatory cells to the fat layers to help with the destruction of the fat. With each treatment you lose around 20%-30% of fat cells.  Results vary with everyone, some people may see results as fast as a few weeks and others may see results in months.  It is encouraged to do around 30 minutes of exercise a day to help stimulate the fat cells out of your body and drink lots of water.  They flush out of your system, also like liposuction they do not come back.   Common side effects after the treatment include redness, numbness, and bruising.  These side effects can last a few minutes or a couple of weeks depending on your body.

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I was really concerned that the treatment would hurt because I don’t have a high tolerance for pain.  To start they apply a gel like substance on the area you are going to treat.  Since I was doing my treatments on my back I laid down on my tummy and they applied the vacuums on my trouble spots.  I had heard that the process doesn’t hurt but after they remove the vacuums they have to massage each treated area and that was really painful.  No one told me when the vacuums are applied that there is an unusual sensation.  I wouldn’t describe it as painful at all but it feels like you have this whole area being sucked and it’s startling but after the first one it didn’t bother me at all.  Each area takes around 20-30 minutes to treat, my whole treatment took an hour.   Time really flew by I didn’t feel like I was there for an hour.  I was so relaxed that I could’ve taken a nap, that also has to do with Dr. Nassif’s med spa, it’s so relaxing and calm  that you are really at ease.  There is no stress in the office and you won’t feel nervous at all because everyone is nice and really will address any concerns you might have.  When my first session of vacuums were removed I was really worried that the massage would hurt, it didn’t hurt me at all but instead it tickled.  You do lose a tiny bit of sensation in the treated areas since they have just been frozen so you will feel yourself thaw out like if you were outside in cold weather where you get the tingling sensation.  That is just your nerves coming back to life.  There is a tiny bit of after treatment that they recommend. One is to exercise for 30 minutes a day, drink water and to massage the treated areas for a few seconds every day.


This is my first treatment and I have let a couple of weeks go by and I will say that I do notice a difference.  My waist looks smaller and my love handles look like they are getting smaller.  Since this is a noninvasive treatment your results do take longer to see than if you did surgery.  After my second treatment they told me I should see a noticeable difference.  Follow along and hopefully I’ll have the photos of before and after for my next post!  I am not sure how many treatments I’ll have to do to get the results that I want but I’ll keep sharing my CoolSculpting journey with you.


Dr. Nassif Med Spa offers all kinds of services besides CoolSculpting.  To learn more check out their website, Dr. Nassif Med Spa.