What It’s Like To Get A Celebrity Facial

sonya dakar


Want your skin to be red carpet ready all the time?  You can achieve beautiful skin immediately with Sonya Dakar who is a facialist to the stars.  Some of her clients include Gwyneth Paltrow, Jennifer Lawrence, Drew Barrymore and so many more. Sonya has been an expert in skin care for over 30 years and she is known for her six-week beauty boot camp, which consists of a diet and skin care overhaul, she’s a trainer for your skin. Her skincare line that she created herself is filled with oils that will help bring your skin its glow. Thirty years ago when she was telling clients to apply oil onto their skin, no one wanted to and now it’s one of skin care’s biggest trends, she is a pioneer in skin care.

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Walking into the spa it feels luxurious, the space is gorgeous and huge.  My treatment room was so relaxing that you could easily spend the day there. I had a custom facial done that included, her famous Diamond Peel, LED Red Light Therapy, Apple Stem Cell Facial, and the Hyperbaric Oxygen.  I can honestly say this is the best facial I have ever had.  The facial was so relaxing, Sonya is so warm and friendly and my skin glowed all week.


We started off with a skin consultation where Sonya talked to me about my skin concerns, what products I use, and then she told me what she saw.  Some of my skin concerns were the same as what she saw but she showed me some things I had overlooked including that I over exfoliate my skin causing redness.  I hadn’t noticed that and I do exfoliate all the time. She said we could get rid of the redness and some of the discoloration after the facial. When I left the discoloration around my mouth and eyes was completely gone, my dryness was gone, and my overall skin looked brighter, refreshed and more radiant.

rose gold radiance mask sonya dakar

I had never tried the Diamond Peel or Hyperbaric Oxygen before and I recommend both.  What the Diamond Peel does is it smooths skin, erases marks on your face such as scars and discoloration.  It also softens fine lines, and minimizes the look of pores.  It doesn’t hurt, it is very soothing. It definitely is a must! The oxygen is amazing, Sonya applied her famous Rose Gold Radiance Mask on my face, then put on the oxygen mask with the LED Red Light Therapy, my skin looks and feels amazing still from it. The hyperbaric oxygen revitalizes your skin cells from the surface and also from inside because when you are breathing in the air it is helping repair cells.


Your skin is the first thing that people notice and you should take care of it.  If you need a jumpstart to beautiful skin go see Sonya.  She can fix any skin type no matter if it’s dry, you have psoriasis, aging, or just lack luster skin she can make it radiant and glowing.

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