How To Fight Holiday Weight Gain

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During the holiday’s it is the easiest time of year to gain weight.  With the cookies, drinks and parties it’s hard to stick to a diet. All those cookies, late night cocktails and big dinners all start to catch up and then your bikini body is right out the window. If you are anything like me where I gain 10 pounds when I smell fries then you will want to try some of these supplements that I have been using over the holidays to make sure I am not over indulging during the holidays.


bobbi brown


Makeup guru Bobbi Brown has created a new wellness brand Evolution 18.  It’s a lifestyle brand that isn’t complicated, it’s simple which makes it’s really easy to use.  I love that you can serve this hot or cold and since it has a very rich chocolate flavor if you are craving something sweet without tasting sugary you can turn this into your favorite winter drink.  I have drinking this in the morning it gives me a boost of energy, makes me feel focused and it helps with muscle tone.  You can drink this in between meals so that it helps curb your mindless eating or snacking.  You’ll feel satisfied and won’t have cravings to reach for something unhealthy.  It’s so easy to use you can mix it with water like I do, if you want something that is more filling you can mix it with almond milk or add it to a smoothie.  Since I have been using it I notice that I have not only been less hungry but I don’t feel the need to reach for snacks throughout the day like I normally would.  If you are looking to live a healthier lifestyle this is a great supplement to add to your diet.

Buy it here, Evolution 18.


hum nutrition

So you have been eating every cookie in sight and eating things you wouldn’t normally.  Don’t worry you can add Hum Nutrition’s Flatter Me into your diet.  It is a supplement that helps promote healthy digestion which leads to a flatter tummy.  It contains enzymes that help with stress and digestive imbalances that will aid in digestion. Flatter Me can break down things like lactose, proteins, carbohydrates, fats and more. It is really easy to use, it’s just one capsule a day 2xs a day.

Get it here, Hum Nutrition.


blue green algae

Blue-Green Algae can help with boosting metabolism.  I love Pure Synergy Organics because it’s organic and they keep the wholeness of the ingredients so that you are getting the full benefits of what you are taking.  Blue-Green Algae is also full of protein, vitamins that help fight against cell damage, and helps lower inflammation. It also helps with fatigue and your tolerance to exercise.  It will help with recovery. It’s so easy to use you just mix it with water and go. I drink it mixed with water but you can also mix it in your favorite juice.

Get it here, Pure Synergy Organics.



chef serena poon


Just Add Water is a celebrity favorite.  It is created by celebrity chef and nutritionist Serena Poon who has a long list of A List clients who swear by this. You can mix this with just 4oz of water and drink it once or twice a day.  It keeps you feeling full and satisfied.  It comes in small packets so it’s easy to carry with you and perfect for when you are traveling.  It is a nutrient-dense, filled with superfoods. She created this for her clients that spend a lot of time on set and needed something to keep them energized and balanced throughout long and demanding days.  It also helps them stay red carpet ready. I love it because it is not sweet, it’s easy to use and has kept the weight off.  I don’t reach for that extra cup of coffee any more and it makes me more mindful of what I put into my body.

Find it here, Just Add Water Inc.