Ole Henriksen Spa

Have you ever wondered how celebrities get ready for the Oscars? With the Oscars just a day away I experienced what it’s like to get Oscar ready with Ole Henriksen Spa.Getting ready for the Oscar’s doesn’t just mean you get hair and makeup ready. You need to get your skin looking great ahead of time. So I may not be nominated for an Oscar this year but I will look like I have after my treatments.

I have to tell you that when you first step into Ole Henriksen Spa, the scent of the spa is amazing. You really feel relaxed as soon as you enter. I forgot that I was in the middle of Sunset Plaza with all the hustle and bustle outside! I would really say that your experience at the spa starts at the door.

My first treatment was the Moroccan Bath. I never knew they had these in LA and I highly recommend it. The bath not only has a special blend of oils that will rejuvenate your skin and bring it back to life. It also has red light therapy built into the bath tub giving you all those anti aging benefits. They also give you a few things to nibble on, hot tea, water and champagne. I could soak in there forever. There are two tubs in the room so if you don’t want to go alone you can bring your significant other or a friend! I definitely will be back for another bath.

Everyone knows I am facial queen. I love them and hands down this is one of the best facials I have had. Your facial starts with aromatherapy so you deeply inhale and exhale all your stress away. I did a Hydrafacial it helps with rejuvenating the skin, the oxygen is infused with the Rejuvenate serum which contains vitamins and antioxidants which penetrate to layers of the skin. This way it helps make your skin look more plump, lifted and gives you that red carpet glow. The amazing thing about this treatment is that you will see improvements day after day! I also had a high frequency treatment done which helps fight bacteria in your face so no break outs! To finish the facial I had lymphatic drainage done, it will help with puffiness and fatigue. You’ll be camera ready in no time!

I also got a chance to speak to Vance Soto the owner of Ole Henriksen Spa. He gave me a few tips on how you can take the experience of the spa home with you. He suggested to use a few drops of essential oils in your bathroom. Fill your sink up with hot water and put in lavender or a different oil it will fill your bathroom up with the fragrance taking you back to the spa experience and relaxing you. If you want to take it the next step. You can grate cucumber, he said that grating the cucumber not only helps with really bringing out the scent of cucumber but it helps really bring out the antioxidants and benefits of the cucumber. If you don’t have a cheese cloth at home to put it in you can put it in a damp paper towel and put it on your eyes to really relax.

Even if you aren’t walking out on the red carpet. You should head over to Ole Henriksen Spa to center yourself in the busy city life. Self care is important and it starts with doing things that are good for you. I will be back to try more services. I love that when you are at Ole Henkrisen you have that vacation feeling when you step inside.

To see all their services visit them here, Ole Henriksen Spa.