Osea Skin Studio

One of my favorite skin care lines, OSEA Malibu, has a skin studio located on Abbot Kinney. OSEA Malibu is a skin care line that is free of toxic and synthetic ingredients. The products are organic, cold pressed and free of chemicals. These products are amazing to fight environmental aggressors, helps with anti-aging and more.

I just went in and got the Cranial Wave Facial. It’s a facial that hydrates your skin, reduces inflammation and is finished off with high-frequency & LED light therapy.

I love the skin studio it’s so cute and charming. When you book a facial make sure to get there early to relax. You can drink a glass of water and sit in the patio area to decompress from your busy life and really enjoy your facial. The rooms are cleansed with Palo Santo before your treatments which makes you unwind and release all the negative energy that you may have absorbed from the day. I also love that OSEA has late facials, I had mine done at 7pm so after my busy day I could just go home and relax. It’s a great way to end the night.

Osea has a new recycling program for every six OSEA products returned in person to their studio, customers will receive a $40 credit to their next treatment. You can’t go wrong with that not only will you help with reducing waste but you get a discount towards a great facial.

Book an appointment here, OSEA Malibu.