A Guide To Crystals For Beginners

Have you wanted to learn about how to incorporate crystals into your life but don’t know where to start? Here is a really quick guide to crystals and which ones you should start with. Healing crystals are great to help with clearing negative energy, balancing your chakras, help your mind & spirit, they can energize you, and help you manifest things in your life that you want like love, abundance and luck.

I talked to Amanda Forth the founder of The Crystal Boutique and she explains which ones are great for first time crystal owners.

A Beginners Guide To Crystals: The Top 5 Crystals for Crystal Newbies
“The selection of crystals is curated for those looking to get “into” crystals but have no idea where to begin!  It’s a selection of beautiful pieces of the earth that will facilitate in healing journeys, transformation, getting us through hard times, or just bringing a smile to your face due to the natural beauty (and making our spaces look stunning!).”

1.  Clear QuartzClear Quartz is known as the “master healer”.  It is THE essential healing crystal for every collection and the perfect base to begin building your crystal collection.  It’s a crystal you cannot have too many of.  Clear Quartz eases stress and anxiety, clears your mind, and amplifies your energy.  Clear Quartz also charges other crystals and will make your other crystals work harder for you

2.  Rose Quartz The Healing Crystal of love, romance and most importantly self love.  This pretty pink crystal fuels you with confidence and the gentle reminder that you are always number one.  When you’re feeling down on yourself, grab onto this pink beauty as a gentle reminder that you are enough and you are beautiful as you learn to love yourself.  When self love is there, that’s when you open the door for deep and authentic love and romance.  Rose Quartz will help bring in the romantic partner you are calling for.

3.  Selenite Selenite is also known as “liquid light” – due to the magical glowy light it gives off when sunlight (or any type of light) shines through it!  We like to think of selenite as both an “crystal charging dock” (think ipod charging station!) and an “energy eraser”.  This powerful crystal helps to cleanse your aura and energy field, balance your emotions and remove energy blockages – you can quite literally rub it over your body (a few inches away as if you’re actually “erasing” and cleansing your energy field.  You can also place your crystals on a beautiful slab of selenite to charge them.  Fun tip:  place selenite under a massage bed next time you get a massage!  it will help draw out negative energy AND absorb the energy from previous massage guests who’s yucky energy has poured below that space.

4.  Black Tourmaline A super grounding crystal that absorbs negative energy!  Very effective for grounding a flighty root chakra.

5.  Smokey Quartz  Smokey Quartz is a modern day “must”.  It helps block radiation from cell phones and electronics!  Also incredibly grounding and absorbant of negative energy.

So now that you have your crystals how do you use them?

Sage them. If you buy them in a store or online make sure you sage them. You just have to take your sage and let the smoke go over them for 5-10 seconds. You can open your windows and let the energy clear from them and then close the window and burn palo santo around them to keep the good energy in.

Program your crystal with an intention. What that means is hold the crystal you have and and think of an intention you want to have in your life. Say you buy a rose quartz one and are single you can sit with it in your hand and think about being more open to meeting someone new in your life. The crystal will then be a daily reminder of that goal. 

Wear your crystals. When you touch the crystal you have the more you can tap into their energy so wearing them helps harness that. Also, depending on what you want from them you can wear different crystals on your right or left side. Wearing crystals on your left side is usually what you want to recieve and on your right side is what you want to give. You can also wear them on both wrists to really increase what you want.

Toss them into your purse or pocket. If crystal jewelry is not your thing you can carry them with you in a pouch in your purse or in your pocket.

You can find all these crystals here, The Crystal Boutique.