Say Goodbye To Cellulite

It’s bikini season and don’t let cellulite stop you from enjoying the summer sun. Sometimes even with diet and exercise cellulite doesn’t disappear. There are ways that you can help diminsh cellulite at home and have smooth dimple free skin.

I love devices that are easy to use and you see real results. NuBody Toning Device is great, you just spend FIVE minutes a day and you can have dimple free skin. With any at home treatment the key is to be consistent. You can treat different areas with the NuBody from your legs, arms, tummy and butt. This device will help diminish the signs of cellulite and also help tone your body. I love that it works on older skin that is loose. Do it for 5 days a week and in 30 days you will see great results. It is painless and takes very little time. I’m obsessed with it and love my results! These results are also long lasting and with continued use the results just get better.

Did you just get invited to a pool party and you don’t feel comfortable in your swimsuit? Orlane’s Slimming Scrub with Coffee is a great way to see results right away. You apply it in the shower and the scent is like freshly brewed coffee so it wakes you up too. I would use the scrub in a circular motion and scrub down towards your knees to help drain your lymphatic system if you are using it on your legs. You can apply the scrub anywhere your butt, arms, inner and outer thighs. It’s a great way to keep your skin looking fresh and toned.

Follow your scrub up with Orlane’s Intensive Firming Cream. This firming cream will helps with sagging skin, cellulite and will help tighten arms, legs and your butt. It helps improve elasticity while leaving your skin feeling baby soft. It is lightly fragranced and smells fresh like a summer morning.

I have written about these products before and I’m adding them again to the list because they work well. Glytone’s Cellulite Day and Night Cream really help diminish the look of cellulite and they are so easy to use. They stimulate your skin reducing the signs of cellulite and in just 7 days.