French Favorites

Happy Bastille Day! One of the all time coveted beauty looks is the simple and sexy way that French women look. They have a certain je ne sais quoi about them. French pharmacies have always had some of the best products. Here are a few that you should add to your beauty arsenal so you can look effortlessly chic.

You have seen this one and if you haven’t tried it or don’t have several bottles of this around your house you need it. Avene’s Eau Thermale is a must have. There water can help soothe irritated skin, it can help refreshen dehydrated skin and can be used all day long. I use it when I want to set my makeup, if I need a little refresher, on flights or just because.

You can find the spray here, Avene.

The finishing touch to any look is a spray of perfume. It completes you, fragrance is so important because it connects you with people, makes memories and brings out your personality. Krigler is a French fragrance that has been around for generations, every fragrance has a story. I love so many from Krigler but I’m currently obsessed with Manhattan Rose. It is so feminine and chic. I wore it to the Oscars and couldn’t even make it 10 steps into the after party without being stopped 30 times from men and women asking me what fragrance I’m wearing.

Find your perfect fragrance here, Krigler.

Having your hair look soft and with that perfect tousle is what French women are known for. They don’t have perfectly styled coifs. You can achieve that look with Rene Furterer’s Spray Texturisant Vegetal. It’s a dry texturizing spray that will give you volume and body your hair craves without looking like you tried to hard.

Get effortlessly chic here, Rene Furterer.

Long dark lashes and full brows are a must. If you weren’t blessed with them you can get them using Talika’s Lipocils in just less than a month your lashes will look fuller, darker and longer. You can also use this on your brows if you need them to grow in from over plucking. Fuller brows help you look more youthful and we all want that. C’est bon!

Want longer lashes? Get them here, Talika.

French women never wear a full face of makeup. You see Parisian women looking beautiful with just a red lip or easy, lived in eye makeup. It may just be a little black eye liner in their lash line that looks a little smudged. One of my favorite makeup removers is Klorane’s Waterproof Eye Makeup Remover. It can remove the toughest black liners off with one swoop. It’s gentle, easy to use and I also use it to remove long wear lipstick.

You can find the makeup remover here, Klorane.