The Expert: Olga Lorencin

I talked to celebrity facialist Olga Lorencin about how take care of your skin during the summer. She gave us some great tips on what to do to get that red carpet glow. She’s given glowing skin to many of Hollywood’s A List such as Halle Berry, Sophia Vergara, Viola Davis and many more.

This is what Olga had to say. “Summer is here and we are thinking about the hot, humid, sticky, lots of sunblock kind of situation for your skin. The only logical thing is to exfoliate, but be careful and make sure that it is done the right way. Abolish harsh, manual exfoliants, high dose acids, and retinols and make sure that you never exfoliate when sunburned or when you are spending hours in the hot sun. When you do exfoliate, always do it at night and the following day wear a SPF 35+.”

What are the best ways to exfoliate during summer? 

Acids are still the best way to unclogged pores, get rid of layers of dead skin which is preventing you of having that fabulous summer glow. Opt for mild and safe alternatives to the harsher version. Here are some good examples of a good summer peel, Dr Dennis Gross – Ultra gentle daily peel (you can start with just twice per week in the summer), Olga Lorencin Ageless Facial in the box. Once per week for super sensitive skin types and 2x per week for everyone else and allow 2 days in between usage. Deep Detox Facial in the box by Olga Lorencin skin care for clogged acneic skin types, plus it’s a great environmental detoxifier. Use it once per week.

 What types of products should you avoid during summer?
Anything harsh that will make your skin very sensitive – Retinol anything above 0,05 % – Glycolic or Salicylic high doses  – Harsh manual exfoliants / scrubs.

How many times a week should you exfoliate?
Once or the most twice per week, allowing 2- 3 days in between. 

What are the best products to use during the summer?

Peels and acids formulated for sensitive skin types.

You can check these products out at, Olga Lorencin.