Downtown LA has it’s newest hotspot and it’s Joey which is a restaurant that comes from Canada. There are 27 locations across Canada and the US. I’m always looking for new restaurants to go to and I loved everything that I tried at Joey’s. The menu is globally inspired. You can have everything from Ramen to Surf and Turf. Their cocktails are also really great and they use the freshest ingredients. The Executive Director of Culinary is Top Chef’s Canada winner, Matthew Stowe. The DTLA menu will have some dishes that are inspired by Los Angeles and the diversity that we have in our city.

Some of the dishes that I really loved are the Ceviche, Tuna Salad, Sushi Cones, Korean Cauliflower and Lobster Grilled Cheese. There are also dishes that are regionally exclusive to California like the Sake Glazed Chilean Seabass and Mezcal Drink. Which I need to back to try. I love that they source many of their ingredients from local farmer’s markets. You can taste the freshness in each dish.

The menu is really diverse and everyone will find a favorite dish. All the dishes are really well done and beautifully plated. Another dish that was really great was the lobster ravioli and steak. It’s Joey’s take on Surf and Turf.

I love the open air format of Joey the atmosphere is lively. There is a beautiful patio you can sit at and if you just want to grab a drink and appetizers the bar is gorgeous. It also has an open kitchen that is beautiful. It’s located in the heart of downtown at the Bloc which makes parking easy. Which you can’t say about a lot of places in DTLA.

Joey is a great place to celebrate a special occasion, go for a business lunch or an after work drink. If you live in DTLA it will be a great neighborhood place or a cute place to take a date. I can’t wait to go back and try the Ramen one of their most popular dishes and go back for the Tuna Salad that I have been craving.

JOEY DTLA is located at 700 West 7th Street in DTLA.