A French Massage That Will Get Rid Of Cellulite

Cellulite is something that everyone has and everyone doesn’t want. Now there is a way to get rid of it the French way at Emmanuelle Blanche in West Hollywood. Palper Rouler is a French technique that is really part of French women’s beauty routines. It’s a type of massage that is basically a gentle pinch and roll. Palper Rouler is a fold of the skin with the fingers then gently rolling it to break cellulite between adipose cells underneath the skin and the skin itself, enabling their elimination through your lymphatic system.

At Emmanuelle Blanche they have perfected the technique so that you see results right with just a few treatments. Not only will you see cellulite disappear you will also notice that you will lose inches around problem areas. When you start your series of treatments, they have a machine that measures your cellulite, body fat, fat mass, lean mass, body fat rank, bmr and more. You can see how your body changes from when you start to your last treatment. It’s pretty incredible how fast you can see results.

Not only will Palper RouIer help you get rid of cellulite it can also help you decongests toxins from your body. It helps softens the tissues, frees the fascia and activates both the blood and lymphatic circulation. That will help your blood circulate better and flush dead cells in your body in turn that makes you healthier and make your skin glow. When all those negative things are eliminated that helps the fat deposits break up, diminish water retention, and will flush out toxins. If you want to look leaner and get rid of cellulite you need to book an appointment.

Emmanuelle Blanche is located at 729 N. La Cienega Blvd, LA.