Mondrian South Beach

When you think of South Beach, you think sexy and bright and that’s exactly how the Mondrian South Beach is. South Beach is always such a great place to visit because of the energy of the city. It has an exotic feeling without leaving the States. I love where the Mondrian is located it’s a short uber or bike ride away from the beach but you also get views of the bay. It’s not in the heart of all the chaos of the tourist in South Beach so you have the privacy you want when you are on vacation.

Our room was incredible at the Mondrian. We stayed on the Penthouse level in a two bedroom, two bathroom suite facing the bay. The room was bigger than some apartments I’ve been to. With a full sized kitchen and stove, dining area and large living room. It’s perfect for those who want to make their vacation feel like home but still have the amenities of a hotel. Our view was amazing because you see the most epic sunsets.

The Mondrian has amenities that you might not know about. We borrowed bikes from the hotel and rode them to the beach. It really was such a fun way to go to the beach because in LA I never ride a bike so it really made me feel like I was on a vacation. The bike ride is easy and it’s just down one rode and in less than 10 minutes you are there. I also really loved the service at the Mondrian everyone from valet to the front desk was exceptionally helpful. I highly recommend getting a package that includes breakfast. I hardly ever have breakfast unless I am on vacation. The dining room and breakfast is really lovely. They have a lot of options and it definitely doesn’t disappoint.

If you just need a day to unwind and relax you never have to leave the hotel. The pool is the perfect place to do that. You can rent a day bed or cabana and just spend the entire day at the pool. There are specialty cocktails served at the pool, infused fruit water, and an endless amount of poolside snacks. There are two pools at the Mondrian the main pool and a smaller one if you want something more intimate.

I need to visit Miami more often, we were just there a couple of days. It was such a short visit but the Mondrian South Beach made us feel at home.

To learn more go to Mondrian South Beach.