Norwegian Encore

Imagine yourself setting sail in the sea with views of the ocean as far as the eye can see. It’s really one of the most unbelievable experiences you can have. You might be skeptic like I was. I had always heard of my friends taking cruises but I hadn’t really looked into it because I didn’t see myself as a cruise person. Once I took my first step on a cruise ship I understood. There is everything at your finger tips on a cruise. If you want fine dining they have it. Everything from clubs, pools, go kart racing, gambling and Broadway shows. I climbed on board with Norwegian Cruise Line and experienced their newest ship The Encore. It’s as glamorous as you would imagine.

Before I get into all the luxury amenities. Norwegian is doing something that no cruise line has done before. They are getting rid of single use plastic which is incredible. Which means there are no more straws or bottle water because these items could accidentally go overboard and pollute our oceans. If that doesn’t impress you then I’ll tell you by numbers. Norwegian is getting rid of 6 million single use plastic water bottle they use per year. They also have gotten rid of plastic laundry bags in their rooms and replaced with with paper ones. They have also created an initiative that is called Sail & Sustain which not only will reduce their plastic foot print but they have created different ways of reducing waste onboard. They partnered with different mixologist to create cocktails with items used in the kitchen that they don’t use like used coffee grounds or day old croissants. If that doesn’t want to make you book with Norwegian then keep reading because the rest will make you want to book your winter vacation.

When you board the Encore you’ll feel like anything is possible and anything is possible. Whatever you want to do is there and whatever your heart desires you can find. You can relax by the pool or eat ice cream all day you can. You may want to read in a lounge and have views of the sea there are many places to do that. If you have kids they have so many activities for them.

Let’s start with the food because you guys know I love to eat. There are so many dining options on The Encore. You can go from fine dining to having a burger at the 50’s diner. There was every type of cuisine onboard from Mexican, Italian, Sushi, BBQ, French, A Steakhouse, you name it they got it. There is something for everyone even the pickiest eaters. I ate at Cagney’s which is their steakhouse and if you love a good steak you will want to eat here. It rivals the best steakhouses in Beverly Hills. I also love Q’s which is the BBQ restaurant onboard when you walk in you will feel like you have walked into the cutest BBQ place in Texas. They also have live music and fun cocktails on tap. Don’t forget to save room for dessert because Q’s has amazing ones!

You can make the most of your days by doing all the activities you want or you can just relax. There are several lounge and bars that are all along the ship. If you are daring there are water slides, that will definitely get your adrenaline pumping.

There is a unique feature on Norwegian Cruise Line ships they have a hotel within the ship. It’s called The Haven. It’s a 5 star hotel within the cruise ship so if you want to take a cruise but want a more quiet and relaxing atmosphere you can choose to stay here. The Haven has it’s own restaurants and bars so you could stay there the whole trip but you also have the option to go to the rest of the ship when you want.

One of the coolest features on the ship is their speedway. I love that you can race go karts on the ship. It is located on the top of the ship with views of the ocean. There is nothing else like it on the ship. If racing isn’t your thing you can also do laser tag. I loved the laser tag because they have VR type of guns so you are looking at a screen when shooting. You compete against another team which makes it really fun. There is also a VR gaming area if you love to play games it’s great for kids and adults. If you want to do more traditional games they have a room that has skee ball and arcade games.

Onboard there are two really amazing shows that I got to see. We saw the award winning show Kinky Boots. It is a must if you are onboard the Encore, the cast is incredible and the show is fun and vibrant. The costumes were amazing. The other show we watched was The Choir Of Man, I was pleasantly surprised with this show. The singing was great and I love how they include the audience and pass out cocktails to a lucky few.

Norwegian has their own island in the Bahamas called Great Stirr Up Cay. It’s so fun that we never wanted to leave. They also have so many great activities to do on the island like paddle boarding, feeding the pigs, jet skiing and so much more. We went zip-lining and even if you are afraid of heights it’s worth going on because once you are doing it the views and fun is worth it. You can also rent private villas on the island if you just want to have a relaxing beach day. Don’t forget to take photos on the swings that are in the ocean! It’s a very Instagrammable moment.

One of the most important things to me is the bed when I’m traveling and The Encore has the best beds. We slept so well during our trip and could’ve have easily stayed in bed all day. The rooms are cozy and make sure you get a room with a balcony it is so beautiful to sit on it in the morning and watch the sunrise with a cup of coffee. It’s a memory that you will have forever.

Cruising is something everyone should experience. I know I have a lot of people asking me about them all the time and I highly recommend it. This was only my second cruise but it won’t be my last. There is something about being at sea that is so relaxing. I also love that you meet so many people on a cruise ship that become life long friends.

Set sail with Norweigian Cruise Line on The Encore .