Crystals For Your Home

Are you trying to manifest wealth, love or positive energy into your home? There are ways you can do that with crystals. Whether you are a crystal aficionado or just beginning, reiki master Serena Poon talked to me about where to place your healing crystals in your home for optimal positive energy.

Living Room


The living room is often where we entertain and have the most energy flowing in and out of the house.  Selenite is a protective crystal that will cleanse out any stagnant or negative energy so it’s perfect to keep your living room energy uplifted and pure for that full hd porno izle perfect feel good vibe for entertaining guests or just relaxing in your home.  Place it on a coffee table, windowsill or entry table.  Just make sure to keep it away from any area where it could get wet.


Rose Quartz

Since Rose Quartz is a stone of universal love and unconditional love, it is a must in the bedroom.  Place on your nightstand or even in your bed as you sleep. Let the rose quartz soothe your heart chakra, encourage deep inner healing and promote a peaceful, loving energy while you rest. You are the most vulnerable when you are sleeping and a rose quartz is excellent for preventing nightmares, night terror and providing beautiful dreams.



Calming, grounding and protective, amethyst is a great crystal for any workplace.  It counteracts any negative or hostile energies and transforms these back into positive and loving energy. Amethyst stimulates the Third Eye and Crown chakra so it is excellent for balancing temperance and promoting intellectual reasoning and wisdom.  It would be beneficial to place one in the office on a desk or bookshelf.

Don’t forget to sage your crystals when you buy them to clear them of other peoples energy so that you start out fresh.

You can find these crystals and more at, Serena Loves.

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