CBD is something that you probably have heard a lot about recently and it’s hard to know which products are the right ones to buy. I have tried so many different CBD products and found REBORN. It’s a new line of CBD products. I love that the products are broad spectrum hemp extract which means that the way the oil is processed it will isolate and remove any trace amounts of THC. Also, it will keep the other natural cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids which have all the healing properties to help you with things like muscle tension and it promote relaxation.

I tried two, the Original and the Organic Peppermint. They come in liquid form, mine is a 250mg CBD oil. REBORN has so many different mg’s you can choose from they start at 250mg all the way to 2000mg. They are produced in small batches to guarantee that you are getting the highest quality CBD. Reborn is all organically grown hemp extract without any of the THC. I found that it helped me relax when I felt stressed out and I could use it any time during the day or night. I have a hard time sleeping and turning my thoughts off so this really helped me relax before bed and I felt like I got a more restful night of sleep.

Another one of my favorite products from REBORN is the Repair & Relief Muscle Relief Balm. I haven’t been going to the gym like I should be and when I do go I run and do weights. I always forget to stretch and this really helps my muscles when I do forget to stretch. I also wear heels everyday and if I am wearing them all day long I have rubbed this on my feet and my feet feel brand new. There is zero tension after I apply this balm. So it’s been a game changer for me when I’m wearing heels. The muscle relief balm also has other great ingredients that help moisturize your body such as coconut oil, shea butter, beeswax, ylang ylang oil and more. Not only will this help with muscle relief but it will help topically on your skin as well. A little goes a long way with this so you just need to warm up some balm in your hands and apply.

My final product that I tried from REBORN is the CBD Massage Oil. This is a CBD product that I haven’t tried before and it’s amazing. After a long hike I rub this into my calves to help reduce tension and relax. I also use this before bed and rub a little into my shoulders and neck. It makes me feel calm and relaxed. I love that these products are a way to give me natural relief. I started a wellness journey and these fit perfectly into my wellness lifestyle. I love the way the massage oil smells, it’s really soothing and makes me feel at ease. It also contains other oils that are great for your skin like jojoba oil, argan oil, rosehip oil and more.

REBORN is a great way to bring CBD into your healthy lifestyle. They come in dark glass that helps keep the ingredients stabilized and fresh because they don’t get contaminated with natural light. The quality of the ingredients is very high and you will feel a difference after using them.

You can find them here, REBORN.

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