Traffic Secrets

I’m excited to collaborate with Traffic Secrets: The Underground Playbook for Filling Your Websites and Funnels with Your Dream Customers with this sponsored post and by documenting my 30 day journey on Twitter and Instagram Stories. Are you stuck on how to drive traffic to your business or social media accounts? I just read the book Traffic Secrets by Russell Brunson and learned so many new ways of getting new people to come to my site and socials. He teaches you simple ways and gives you exercises to do to make you think outside of the box. If you don’t know what a funnel is you will learn in Traffic Secrets.

I did Russell’s 30 day challenge and after the 30 days I really had a clear vision of what I wanted. I had been having a few hiccups in my blog and socials and writing everything down has really challenged me to reorganize and realize some of the things that I was missing.

I love that these tips can help anyone. You could be a mom who has a small side business you run out of your home, a blogger, or you could have an online store or product these tips can be applied to any business model. The basics are really easy and once you understand them then you can easily apply them to your website and even to a brick and mortar business. These tools aren’t just for online business they work for any type.

There are workbook classes in the book that make learning funnels very easy. At first I was intimidated and then once I started trying all the tips I felt like it really helped me. A great tip that he shares in Traffic Secrets is to figure out who your dream customers are and then write down all the things you think they would love. If you are a blogger or influencer you can apply this by thinking about your followers and how they relate to you.

Every section of Traffic Secrets is really clear from figuring out who your dream client to filling your funnel organically. Russell also teaches you how to growth hack so you can organically grow all your platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, your Youtube, and even Google. It’s important tools you need in the world of algorithms and organic growth. This book is a great way to learn how to really grow your business and clients. Everyone needs to learn and know these tools for a successful business.

You can get your free copy of Traffic Secrets by Russell Brunson.

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