SPF’s You Need All Year

Summer is in full force and even though you probably aren’t doing your normal summer activities that doesn’t mean you can skip the SPF. If you really want to take care of your skin from aging you need to wear sun protection every day. I even put on a sunscreen even if I am just in the house because of the sun coming in from the windows. It’s a step you can’t skin in your skin care routine.

I have found the best sunscreens you can use all year long.

What I love about Shiseido’s SynchroShield SPF 50 is that it has technology in it that is called WetForce and HeatForce. What that means is that when you are in the water or if you get hot from working out or the sun the SPF will create a SynchroShield which is a stronger barrier to give you more protection. It’s really incredible. I also love that this is also Hawaii compliant that means it’s ocean friendly and won’t destroy our oceans or coral reefs.

Find it here, Shiseido.

If you have an active lifestyle and want a long lasting face and body SPF check out Play Everyday Lotion SPF 50 from Supergoop. I love that it absorbs quickly without leaving a sheen on your skin. It feels hydrating and will protect you up to 80 minutes. Their new formula is also reef-safe, meaning it’s now octinoxate-free. It also has a really bright refreshing scent that is very light.

Get it here, Supergoop.

This is a dream come true. I have always wished for a makeup setting spray that has an SPF and Kate Somerville has made all my dreams come true with UncompliKated SPF. This is an SPF 50 that is also a makeup setting spray so you can carry it with you can keep your makeup looking fresh while keeping your face protected. Win win! It also sets your makeup matte which is perfect for summer and also will give you that soft focus so if you are taking photos you’ll look photoshopped IRL.

Buy it here, Kate Somerville.

If you don’t like the way sunscreens smell you will want to get Arcona’s Reozone 40 it has a light fruit scent. The texture is more of a lotion than a thicker sunscreen. This is great to wear everyday an you can apply it to delicate areas like your eye area and décolletage. It’s non-greasy and is gentle for even the most sensitive skin types.

Find it here, Arcona.

Sometime’s I need more coverage and want to blur out imperfections. That’s why I love Obagi Physical Defense 50, it has a light tint to it so when I don’t want to apply foundation or a tinted moisturizer this will really make my skin look even toned. It’s mineral based so as soon as you apply it you can go out in the sun. You won’t have to wait 30 minutes. It’s also very light weight.

Get it here, Obagi.

Love Sun Body is the first moisturizing mineral sunscreen. It has an SPF 30 and it will protect you from the sun but also from pollution. It’s vegan and cruelty free and also Hawaii compliant. I love it because it is like a multi-tasker it works as a lotion and a sunscreen. The texture is like a traditional sunscreen but will leave your skin feeling hydrated.

Get it here, Love Sun Body.

I got a really fun set which is the Sugarfina x Coola. I love this set because I love all things Sugarfina but I also love the the scent of the Coola sunscreen spray. It smells like Pina Colada. When I eat these candies and spray this sunscreen I feel like I’m on a tropical vacation even if I am just sitting in my living room. The Island Pineapples gummies were my favorite. I ate them in a day.

Get them here, Sugarfina x Coola.

Want to look like a summer goddess? This is the perfect pool or the boat. You may not be on that tropical vacation this year but you can look like the sun goddess that you are. Sol De Janeiro Bum Bum Sol Oil has the perfect golden shimmer in it. It also has an SPF 30 which will keep your golden skin protected. It has their signature fragrance that will make you feel like you’re a Brazilian Babe. You just need a few spritz’s and your skin will have the glow you have always wanted.

Get it here. Sol De Janeiro.

Don’t forget your hair when it comes to sun damage. The sun can really damage your hair making it dry and brittle. Klorane Soin Soleil will protect your hair from damaging UV rays. It is light weight so it won’t weigh your hair down and will keep it hydrated. It will also protect your hair from salt and chlorine.

Buy it here, Klorane.

PCA is one of my all time favorite skin care brands and this is one of my go to sunscreens. I have used this Active Broad Spectrum SPF 45 it for years and I love it. It’s reef safe, even if you are active it won’t get into your eyes. It also protects against aging UVA rays and burning UVB rays. It will be one of your favorite sunscreens too

Get it here, PCA Skin.

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