Drinks You Should Start Drinking Now For Better Health

I am going to say that I am a drink expert. I try every type of water, kombucha or drink there is. I love green juices and really there isn’t a drink I wouldn’t try. My fridge is usually stocked with more drinks than food and wherever I am I have to have a drink in my bag or I stop and grab one. It’s been a really hot summer here in LA and I have been trying lots of drinks nonstop and here are some of my favorites.

Wild Tonic Kombucha, before all those anti-kombucha people skip reading this…don’t. This is the mildest tasting kombucha you’ll ever try. It’s so light and crisp in flavor that you’ll be reaching for that second bottle. You might think because I am a huge kombucha lover that I’m saying this. My mom who can’t even stand the smell of kombucha drinks one of these daily now and tells strangers in the market to buy it. It comes in a lot of great flavors and all the drinks have a super food ingredient. They are made with real honey so it has a very light sweetness to it but it’s not sweet at all. It also comes in a hard version meaning it has alcohol. I haven’t tried those yet but I can bet they are good! They are also good for your gut and have all the health benefits that any other kombucha has and with great flavors.

Find them here, Wild Tonic Kombucha.

When it comes to skin care I have tried everything. Collagen is something that I tell everyone they need to incorporate into their lives because after the age of 25 our collagen in our skin starts to break down. SkinTē is a sparkling collagen tea that also contains 3000mg of collagen. The flavors are light and refreshing. It makes for the perfect summer drink. You could also use these as a mixer and make a healthy cocktail. Collagen is not only great for your skin but you need it for your nails, hair, bones and joints. I haven’t had a flavor that I didn’t like.

Get them here, SkinTē.

I love eating clean and living a healthy lifestyle. One thing that I can’t ever drink is apple cider vinegar. It’s something that I have always wanted to have in my diet but I just can’t swallow it. Until now, Poppi Soda is a prebiotic drink that contains apple cider vinegar. It’s has less than 5g of sugar and is great for your digestion & gut. If you are craving a traditional soda that contains over 44g of sugar, don’t go and grab one. Try Poppi Soda instead it will satisfy you and it’s good for your body. It comes in eight different flavors and you won’t have that sugary guilt.

Find them here, Poppi.

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