Maskne: How To Get Rid of Breakouts From Your Face Covering

Now that face coverings have been part of our every day life you might notice that you have been breaking out more. Maskne is something that has been becoming more and more common. Even if you are keeping your mask clean talking with them on and having them touch your skin all day may cause the breakouts.

Here are some products you need to try to prevent and get rid of those breakouts.

Kate Somerville’s EradiKate is an on the spot treatment. It works quickly and will help reduce blemishes and acne significantly. You can apply it one or two times a day and you’ll see results quickly depending on your breakout. It won’t irritate your skin and is very easy to use.

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I love a good face mask and I love Urban Skin Rx Acne and Blemish Mask because it has 5% sulfur in it that will help get rid of acne and also help prevent future break outs. You can use this a couple times a week or a couple times a month depending on your skin. It will help keep pores clean making your skin look bright.

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This serum is from Peace Out Skin care is great because not only will it help fight break outs, it will also brighten your skin post break outs. So if you are like me and get dark spots from acne this will help brighten your skin tone overall. It will also help you get smoother looking skin.

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PAYOT is celebrating their 100 year anniversary and with that kind of record you know their products are good. Teens Dream is a mask that will help detoxify your skin keeping it clear. This is good for all skin types even oily. It has tea tree oil in that will help keep your pores clean and tight. You just have to use it for 15 minutes and voila you are done.

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A toner is something that everyone needs to start using. It’s great to keep your skin balanced. With the weather getting hotter and with wearing a mask your pH in your skin can be thrown off. Acaderma Equilibria Stabilizing Toner can keep your skin in check. Don’t skip this step in your skin care routine.

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When it comes to keeping your skin feeling balanced and fresh you need a face creme that will not irritate it. Image Ormedic Balancing Peptide Creme is gentle but also very effective. It has botanical butters and organic plant oils that will keep your skin healthy. It will bring it clarity and a brighter complexion.

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Finding a good face wash that will help prevent acne can be hard. Pixi Beauty has just came out with a new Clarity Cleanser. It is gentle on our skin so it won’t leave it irritated and dry. It also has ingredients like Salicylic Acid and Probiotics that will help keep it clear and these ingredients keep on working even after you have washed it. Your skin will feel clean and hydrated.

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Ellis Day is a new skin care line and I love this serum, Wild Resilience. It helps reset the skins microbiome. It helps reduce hormonal breakouts, maskne, redness and inflammation. It is very gentle on and leaves your skin feeling very hydrated. It can be used on all skin types even sensitive ones. It is also made sustainably.

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