Payot 100 Years of Beauty

When a skin care brand is celebrating a 100 year anniversary you have to try it. Pâte Grise is one of their most popular products and one sells every three seconds in France which will be next on my list to try. When products sell out that quickly from a brand, I needed to see what PAYOT was all about. I have always been a fan of French beauty because I appreciate the simplicity of it. French women always have a certain je ne sais quoi that we all strive for. Effortless beauty. PAYOT is step one in that beauty regime. I tried four products from the brand the Crème No2, My PAYOT Jour Gelée, My PAYOT Concentre Éclat and the My PAYOT Sleeping Pack. I’ll tell you I know skin care and these are très chic.

Crème No2 is favorite of French women from all generations. The packaging alone should make you want to have it on your bedside table. I will be repurposing these jars because they are too pretty to throw away. Créme No2 was formulated almost a century ago by Dr Nadia Payot. The texture is light and hydrating. It’s great for sensitive skin because it will soothe stressed skin taking away redness and rebalancing skin flora. It’s a creme that you can use all year long day and night.

If you want something that is really light weight and will hydrate your skin you have to try My PAYOT Jour Gelée it will make your skin look bouncy and soft. It’s perfect if you want to get that pretty summer skin. It absorbs quickly and if you are layering serums your skin will never look are feel greasy. It’s great for all skin types. It will help protect against free radicals that age your skin. It also contains grapefruit AHA which will help get rid of dry skin so you will always look fresh.

Right now we are all probably stressed and have lack of sleep because of everything that is happening around us. These things can really effect our skin and our skin health. You can bring back that glow with PAYOT’s Healthy Glow Serum. It contains vitamin C which will brighten any skin tone and stimulate cell renewal. It also contains carrot and pumpkin extracts that deliver radiance. So if you aren’t getting enough sleep you can don’t have to look like it. You can still look radiant.

We all want to go to bed and wake up looking like you just came back from vacation, relaxed and stress free. My PAYOT Sleeping Pack is a night mask. You apply it before bed and go to bed with it on. While you sleep the ingredients go to work so that you can wake up looking like you had eight hours of sleep even if you just had three. It has goji and açai berries that help moisture and detoxify your skin. Another great ingredient it contains is Hyaluronic Acid which will plump fatigued skin. Now you can go to bed and wake up looking your best.

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