Why I Switched From A MacBook Pro To A Dell XPS

I never thought I would ever use another computer besides MacBook. I have been using one since I was in college and I tend to stick with what I know when it comes to technology. My book is large and heavy and I wasn’t taking it with me on work trips and just trying to work from my phone which can be really difficult sometimes. Especially when I am traveling and need to write. I knew that I needed change and started looking at different types of laptops. I found the Dell XPS and immediately fell in love, it’s beautifully designed. I love how big and clear the display is, it has an infinity edge display. That’s really important to me when I am editing photos. I also love how light & thin the Dell XPS is, I can literally throw it in my handbag and go.

What I love about the Dell XPS is that you can use it as a laptop and as a tablet so it’s really versatile. You have a two for one, the capability of a laptop and then the ease of a tablet. Switching from laptop to tablet mode means that you can use the screen in touchscreen mode so that it makes some tasks easier to handle.

If you are on your laptop 24-7 like I am the computer can get hot. The Dell has dual fans separated to spread heat over a larger area. There is also a single heat pipe that works to ensures you have the best performing system so that it doesn’t over heat. There is also hidden exhaust vents in the hinge that help with airflow and it will help with lifting more heat out. So if you are streaming Netflix and binge watching you can. I binged watched shows recently and I was impressed with the battery life. It’s about an 18 hour and 49 minute battery life!!

Some features that the Dell XPS has that are unique is that there is a fingerprint reader built into the power button you can log in with just your finger. There is also an infrared camera with facial recognition to log in when you look at it. You can know that your laptop is safely protected from anyone getting in or guessing a password. It also makes logging in fast and easy because you are the password.

I am hard on my electronics and don’t have a case for them so I love that its made with machined aluminum, 3k carbon fiber, woven glass fiber and hardened Corning® Gorilla® Glass for durability. It has a 4k display so that the display is really clear and the processor is very fast. I know you are going to love it.

I’m not going to lie I haven’t just been using my laptop to work. During quarantine and working from home I have used it to catch up on Netflix shows. Dell has a cinematic experience because the color is so realistic and clear. It’s vibrant and has Dolby Vision which is CinemaColor like you would experience watching a movie. It also has amazing sound so whether you are binging your favorite shows, listening to music or gaming you’ll hear everything with studio quality sound.

One of my favorite feature is the blue light protection. This will protect your eyes and it will also protect your skin. Blue light from devices have been proven to speed up aging, giving you fine lines and wrinkles. The Eyesafe® display intelligently manages light. So it reduces blue light and there is also a night display so that if you are working at night you can be at ease that the light won’t keep you up, you’ll be able to fall asleep as soon as you close your laptop. Dell is the first to offer this technology.

The last thing that I want to talk about is really important to me. Dell is eco-wise. They won CES’ 2018 Best of Innovation Award. They are a environmentally conscious company. They created packaging that is beyond recycling. Their packaging is more sustainable because it is sourced from sustainable materials. They use less plastic in their packaging. Their trays are made of bamboo molded pulp. There is less waste, the packaging is easier to recycle. I had an online initiative that encouraged my audience to reduce single use plastic in our homes so to see a brand do it in their business really is amazing.

To learn more about the Dell XPS check it out here, Dell.