Why You Need a Cool Mist Humidifier

If you haven’t added a humidifier into your lifestyle you need to. I recently discovered Everlasting Comfort’s Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier which is Filterless. This humidifier also doubles as an essential oil diffuser. Which will turn your room into a self-care space which can take your wellness to the next level. If you don’t know humidifiers are great for your skin. They really improve your skin health and you all know that skin care is my number one thing. Now that I have this cool mist humidifier my skin is going to be looking and feeling it’s best.

With winter coming, around the corner, a humidifier is essential because in winter the air is drier which is bad for your skin. That can lead to dry and cracked skin and humidifiers are great for treating dryness in the skin. Especially your nose, throat, and lips. It really keeps your skin from cracking, dullness and keeps it hydrated. If you keep it in the room you’re in the most like your living room, office or bedroom it can keep your skin looking more youthful and healthy. A humidifier is also great for a baby’s room because it helps them from getting rashes or skin irritations. Kids tend to have very delicate skin so this is a great way to keep their skin healthy. If you don’t have kids and your a plant parent this is great for your house plants too.

I love that it is really quiet when it’s on. Some humidifiers I have used have had a loud humming or when the water is almost to the end it will have a bubbling sound. This humidifier is has a Whisper Quiet Ultrasonic Cool Mist Output. Which makes it pretty much silent. The fine mist it gives is amazing because it can fill a room up to 500 sq ft. It’s really easy to use and you won’t have to change a filter monthly. It has a 6 liter water storage tank which will Lasts 50+ hours. It also has an auto-shut off. Depending on my mood I can add a lavender or eucalyptus essential oil and just chill in my room. Since we haven’t been able to travel or go out this summer and I think this will last till next year I feel that making your home a space that you can really relax in is important for our mental health. This humidifier has helped in that.

Humidifiers are doctor recommended for helping with airborne viruses and bacteria, insomnia, and improving respiratory function. I recommend it because it is quite, great for your skin, allergies and health. I am a huge advocate on self-care and this is a great way to turn any room into a zen room. You can put your favorite essential oil in it and feel relaxed immediately. It comes in two colors white or black and will be a great addition to any room because it looks chic. This humidifier is even Kendall Jenner approved who told Allure in an interview that she bought it off Amazon because of it’s great reviews.

It’s on sale now and there’s no excuse not to get one. You can get it here, Everlasting Comfort Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier. I’ll be purchasing some for friends and family for the holiday gifts because before you know it it will be Christmas.