What it’s like to rent an RV for the night

When people found out that I was going to take an RV for the night no one could believe it. I had people telling me that I was the complete opposite of an RV or that they didn’t think I could drive one. But to be honest I love trying anything and I love new experiences even though they may be out of my comfort zone and I am up for any adventure. El Monte RV was a fun way to travel and I have been doing road trips with my family since I was little.

Road trips are such a great way to explore new areas because you really get to experience and see things you normally wouldn’t see if you just flew some where. Since I was a kid I remember my family always taking a road trip on weekends and we would find a new city to go to. When we first moved to America my dad bought a huge van with a bed and shower and we drove around the country for a couple of months until our house was ready.

I wasn’t nervous and didn’t doubt myself about driving an RV. I got an RV that I would call a mid sized one in comparison to the large ones. I would definitely try a large one next (which you can see below). I would say it’s easy to drive the size I got and I’m a first time driver for an RV. I even backed up into a parking space in one try.

There are a few things that you learn about the RV when you rent it because you can either go to an RV park like we did or do what they call dry camping which means you don’t hook up the RV to power or water at an RV Park. There are benefits to both styles. At an RV park they usually have amenities. We stayed at an RV park in Oceanside called Paradise by the Sea RV Report. They had fire pits where we made s’mores. They had a pool to swim at and store to get water and necessities. I liked the RV park experience as my first trip because it was really safe. Then next time I would probably try dry RV’ing because I would want a different experience.

If your are a first timer like me then I’ll tell you about some things you need to know. Don’t be nervous driving an RV it’s easy and safe. You don’t have to bring your own bedding. They come with personal kits that include sheets and blankets. It also comes with a kitchen it. Before taking off make sure everything is securely put away or it will fly off counters. You can rent beach cruisers with your RV. This is a great option especially if you are by the beach. Our RV had plenty of space for our luggage to stay inside but there is storage that you can put luggage in that is accessible from the side of the RV. All the RV’s have generators so when you are parked the a/c or heat will work as well as the lights.

The bed was really comfy and even though we both have a tough time sleeping we fell asleep right away. I also found the RV to be good on gas. Which really surprised me. We drove it from LA to Oceanside it and we used less than half a tank. I suggest that you have a loose plan when renting an RV because if you are going to an RV park you need reservations and they have been very popular recently so you want to make sure you have a space. If you don’t know how to hook up just ask for assistance there and someone can help.

I really loved my experience and thought it was such a fun way to travel that I would definitely do it again. Next time I think I would choose the mountains or desert for a different type of scenery. There is a tv in the RV but we never figured out how to use it so I would suggest asking before going.

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