Decorté Vi-Fusion Specialist Collection

I’ve noticed a surge in skin care interest because of Covid. It’s been about wearing less makeup and having better skin. I’ve always made skin care my number one priority when it comes to beauty. When your skin is in its best condition your makeup will also look flawless. Decorté is a luxury skin care line that really understands skin’s chemistry and health. Every ingredient they have will help your skin’s microbiome and really improve your skin can be protected and naturally heal itself.

Decorté is a Japanese skin care line. The Vi-Fusion Specialist Collection is a line help strengthen, regenerate, and repair your skin. These products help make the dermal barrier stronger. Which will help protect your skin against stress and strengthen immunity from environmental factors like pollution and toxins in our environment.

These products used together will help with inflammation, anti-aging, but most of all it will help rebuild and heal your skin. Your skin gets damaged all day from micro-motions like tugging and rubbing, from the environment and stress. Vi-Fusion Specialist will help strengthen your skin and your skin will repair itself naturally.

In the Vi-Fusion Specialist Collection I have tried the Vi-Fusion Essence, Micro-Treatment Fluid Serum, Vi-Fusion 24/7, 3-D Line Control Tech-Crème Concentrate, Slim & Firm Concentrate Multi-Action Face Mask (it comes in 2 parts an Upper Mask & lower mask…you wear them together) and the Total Relief Eye Mask – Multi-Action Concentrate. These are some of my favorite products that I have used and I love, love, love the masks. I write about them and tell people to use them all the time because they work. Don’t use skin care that will just soften your skin, invest in skin care that will give you long term results.

You can find them here, Decorté Cosmetics.