Pismo Beach Getaway

I know that I have been looking for safe getaways through the pandemic and wanted to do a little beach escape. I drove up the coast with my friend and headed to Pismo Beach which is a short drive from Orange County & LA but it’s just far enough to feel like you are on a vacation. We stayed at the Dolphin Bay Resort and Spa. Which is located on bluffs overlooking the ocean.

The Dolphin Bay Resort will transport you to Hawaii. Walking around the property made me feel like I was a plane ride away on an island getaway. The rooms are gorgeous. They are spacious and great for a long term stay with family or friends. We stayed in a two bedroom suite that overlooked the ocean and we could hear the waves crashing at night through the window. I highly recommend a room that faces the ocean. Our room had a full size kitchen, breakfast nook, dining room, living room, two full bathrooms and a washer. It will make you feel right at home.

There are other amenities at the resort. They have a gorgeous pool that you can sit and have cocktails and lunch at. They also have a BBQ’ing area where you can grill and eat out doors. They have a fine dining restaurant, Lido, which has amazing food and cocktails. If you want to relax in the room you can go down to the lobby and borrow board games, they also have popcorn and hot chocolate for you to bring up to the room. Or if you are like me and want to appreciate the environment you can sit outdoors and watch the gorgeous sunset everyday.

The hotel is also just a few steps away from the beach. If you want to just walk down to the beach and relax you can. The hotel can provide beach chairs and towels to take with you. Or you can just walk along the shore and watch the surfers. While we were there we saw a small wedding and that was amazing. The beach is so pretty in Pismo because there are little bluffs and coves to explore.

Dolphin Bay Resort has created a little outdoor dining area that is safely distanced for their guests that has the best view of the sunset. They also offer Happy Hour, next time I visit I will definitely hit up Happy Hour. It’s such a special place that I can’t wait to go back and stay.

The view from our bedroom was my favorite because I love hearing the ocean at night and waking up to the peacefulness that the area has. Especially during this time where there is a lot of stress in our lives. It was the perfect place to wind down and reset.

Even though we were just there for two days it was a just enough time to feel fully relaxed. I loved waking up in the morning to have my coffee, watch the birds fly over the ocean and enjoy quiet moments. Hopefully, their spa opens up again and I can go back and experience that.

The resort is located a short drive from the city center of Pismo. If you want to go into town you can in 10 minutes where you can enjoy meals outside, the pier and walking around.

Whether you are looking for a romantic getaway or a family vacation. The Dolphin Bay Resort and Spa is a great place to stay. It will be your home away from home. You won’t want to leave like me! Can’t wait to go back.

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