Osea Skin Studio

Where do I begin to describe how much I love Osea Skin Studio. I haven’t done any treatments during Covid and now we are 10 months in and I decided to go to Osea Skin Studio located on Abbot Kinney in Venice. It was a great place to go for my first treatment. I have been a long time user of Osea Skin care and I am a big fan of the brand. The products are amazing but the brand also is one that is socially conscious. I love that they use sustainable ingredients, are concerned for our planet and also help where they can. They educate us on how to take care of our skin but also our souls and educate us on our environment. This is a brand you can stand by.

If you have been worried about doing a service as I have been Osea is taking safety precautions very seriously. You’ll have your temperature checked when you arrived. They will have you sanitize your hands and you can sit in their gorgeous courtyard if you arrive early to your treatment which I recommend. My facialist, Viktoria, had a visor, mask and gloves on during the entire treatment. If you are curious if the gloves feel strange, they don’t. I didn’t even notice, it was relaxing and soothing.

There is only one treatment room at Osea Skin Studio. You can be confident that you are safe. They take one client at a time and they have closed their old treatment rooms and have it in the back where it is well ventilated.

When you head into your treatment you will wash your hands and put on your Osea wrap. The detail they add into each treatment is really thoughtful. They put a rose quartz on your wrap before you put it on just to give that extra boost for self love, self care or self healing. What ever you may need a little extra of that day.

I also love that they crystal charge the treatment bed for you before you lay down. It adds another step of centering yourself before you fully relax. I love how calm and peacful the skin studio feels when you walk in is.

This facial was more of an experience than just a treatment. I haven’t ever had a facial like this before. We started with a little bit of breathe work to help center my mind and relax. Then Viktoria had me set some intentions or she suggested to think of something that I have been holding on to to let go and then helped me stay present and in the moment. It was a great way to start my facial.

She talked to me about what my skin concerns were and what I wanted to work on then customized some ingredients and applied them to my face. she also did lymphatic drainage to my face, neck and chest. We also did a little red light therapy. I would recommend doing the 80 minute facial or longer because you will not want the facial to end because it is so relaxing.

I left Osea feeling happy and my skin felt amazing. I was glowing but also felt lighter mentally. I think during this time that has been so heavy for so many that we really need to do some self care. Doing things at home are great but my facial at Osea was really healing. I thought I had been managing my stress well all these months, I realized after I left I was holding on to a lot. I didn’t even know I needed that extra relaxation. I felt centered, happy, light, and present.

I will be buying a facial for my mom for the holidays because the facial was such a special experience that I feel like everyone should try it.

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