Blissy The Silk Pillow Case You Need

One thing during quarantine that I have caught up on is sleep. Since I have been staying home and catching up on my sleep I have been investing in making my bedroom my sacred place. I have been looking for products that improve the way I sleep, that are beneficial to my health and skin. I discovered Blissy Mulberry Silk products. They not only have silk pillow cases that I love, they also have silk hair ties, eye masks and now silk face coverings.

Why change to a silk pillow case, eye mask and face covering? There are so many benefits to using one. A silk pillow case like the one that I got from Blissy is beneficial because it won’t break your hair and it will stop you from getting split ends when you sleep. I have dry frizzy hair and I have seen improvement with my hair not breaking. If you are a side sleeper or sleep face down a silk pillow case is really delicate on your skin. It will help stop friction compared to a cotton pillow case so it’s great for anti-aging. It is also gentle on your skin if you toss and turn in your sleep so no wrinkles!

I have allergies and I have loved that I am not sneezing in my sleep. Blissy Silk Pillow cases are hypoallergenic, anti-bacterial and non-irritating. They are made of 100% pure Mulberry Silk. They are also an anti dust mite pillow case it helps reduce allergies that are caused by dust mites. It also helps your body stay cool when you sleep instead of flipping your pillow around it regulates the temperature naturally.

I have also been using their eye mask, hair ties, and face coverings. I love the eye mask because it is gentle on my eyes and light weight. I need it to be dark when I sleep and the Blissy eye mask doesn’t let any light in helping me have a more restful sleep. When I sleep with my silk eye mask I sleep through the entire night. I have issues with insomnia and my new bedtime routine includes wearing my eye mask and it has helped me significantly. I also love that it gentle on my eyes so that I have no marks when I wake up. I also sleep with my hair in either a braid or tied in a low side pony and the Blissy hair ties keep my hair from getting into knots and also keeps it from breaking.

Now that we have to wear face coverings everywhere we go. The Blissy Face Mask has been a savior. It keeps me from getting maskne because the silk is a natural anti-bacterial material. It also is very breathable so that I can wear doing errands or even if I want to go on a hike. It’s been my new daily mask and I love that it looks cute on too.

Check out all the Blissy silk products here, Blissy. They make great holiday gifts and also a great way to take care of yourself during this stressful here.