Hand Creams That Will Rescue Your Hands

If you are like me and have been continuously washing my hands because of the pandemic. You will need to have all of these hand creams in different parts of your home. I carry a hand cream in my bag, leave one in my car, and have them all around the house. My hands have been getting so dry from hand sanitizer and excessive hand washing. Since I have been using these my hands have been on the mend and are soft again. When it comes time to us being able to hold hands with people they will not shutter away from my dry little E.T. hands.

I have had Youth Revealed Hands by Nanette de Gaspé in my handbag and have been applying it all day long because I love the packaging. It’s very elegant looking but what I really love is that it makes my hands instantly baby soft. My hands have fine lines all over them from driving in LA and I have noticed them disappearing. It contains Willoherb Extract that is rich in antioxidants that will help protect your hands from environmental damage, it also contains Plankton Extract that will help hydrated and repair the texture of your hands. I love this so much that I have been applying it as a body lotion as well.

I know I have been featuring Payot Paris a lot but I just discovered this line of skin care this year and I have been obsessed. I love their face creams and now I am in love with their Crème Mains Velours hand creams. I have gone through all three of the ones that I have and will have to order more. I love all three fragrances Fresh Grass which is a very uplifting fragrance. It will instantly put you in a good mood. Lotus Flower which soft fragrance. Neroli & Orchid which will make you feel you are on a summer vacation. I love that they absorb quickly and leave your hands beautiful.

What I love about Type: A Hand Cream is the scent is so comforting. It makes me feel like I have a warm blanket on me. I have it in The Darling Vanilla Almond Milk. It keeps my hands feely hydrated for hours but I keep reaching for it because I love the way it smells.

If you are looking for a hand cream that will also help with anti-aging Juara Coconut Illipe Hand & Nail cream is the one. Not only will it leave your hands soft it helps brighten them, plump them and keeps your cuticles soft. It has a light fragrance that is a hint of coconut. It’s great if you have age or sun spots on your hands. Living in California I need to make sure I don’t get sun spots so I use this daily.

I’m always applying sunblock to my hands and I’m surprised more companies don’t include SPF in their hand creams. Orlane Reconditioning Cream for Hands and Nails has SPF 10. I keep this one in my car so that when I’m driving I can reapply. It contains BIOWHITE which is a complex of different extracts to help your hands stay more youthful. If you have crepey skin this will improve it over time. It is a great anti-aging hand cream and it smells amazing.