Krigler Mont Suisse 67

There is nothing more romantic than the thought of snow capped mountains and sitting next to a fireplace with someone you love. You can be taken to the to the mountain tops for Gstaad with Monte Suisse 67. This scent has an interesting history. It was a bespoke fragrance created in the 1960’s for a one of Krigler’s Swiss clients who loved to spend his time between Gstadd and St. Moritz. It was later archived and now in 2021 it has been brought back for all of us to enjoy.

This is a unisex fragrance. When fragrances were created they were never made for just men or women, they were always created for anyone to wear. I love that Krigler still stays true to that. I have been wearing Monte Suisse ever day since I got my hands on a bottle. It’s a very elegant fragrance. The scent is soft & crisp and it is the perfect scent to wear if you want people to lean in closer. It’s the scent that will make you feel like a crisp and invigorating breeze. You’ll feel like you’re are walking around Badrutt’s Palace Hotel.

Monte Suisse 67 has notes of Italian Lemon, Spanish Mandarin, Grapefruit, Wormwood, Pink Pepper, and Ginger. You will want to wear this whether you are skiing, cozying up next to the fire or headed out to dinner. It’s been of fan of Royalty as well as Sir Roger Moore.