The Expert: Marco Pelusi

Marco Pelusi has been in hair for over two decades. He grew up in the beauty world, his family had chain of luxury salons on the East Coast. Marco is a celebrity stylist based in LA who has worked with James Brolin, Carol Alt, Carson Kressley and many more. Today we have him sharing some of his expertise with us on hair care.

Your Favorite hair color for Spring/Summer: a natural looking, highlighted blonde, with a hint of strawberry! Always love a touch of red, and, I’m teaching my Red Carpet Reds virtual master class March 1!

Recent Beauty Splurge: spas recently reopened in LA… so now I am back to my massages! No expense spared when it comes to self care! 

Best advice you have received: A business owner here in LA told me many years ago that you can never quite replace the economic opportunities here in Southern California. This always stuck in my head, and I’ve been here for most of adult life at this point, and it has paid off! I’m so blessed I’ve built my business here in West Hollywood. 

Hair tip that anyone can do at home: Do deep conditioning. Anyone who color treats or styles their hair with hot tools can always use deep conditioning. This can easily be done at home: once a week, just leave the conditioner on for thirty minutes, sit in a steamy bath, and rinse. 

Tip for hair care at home? We deal with special hair needs in the pandemic, and many of us are on zoom for important business. Here’s a zoom tip: If your roots – especially gray roots – are coming in, part your hair on the other side, the side with less gray; to hide the grays.  And don’t pull your hair back, especially if you’ve got grays coming in around the temple, but rather, leave the hair down, and frame your face with a few pieces, which can help to mask your roots.  If you have naturally curly hair, wear it curly or wavy, which will also help to hide gray hair.  Dream person to work with? Would’ve loved to have worked with Vidal Sassoon. Would’ve loved to have been mentored by him! 

Hair product you wish was invented: a magical pill to regrow hair! With no side effects. 

Best Drugstore Buy: Vanicream moisturizer. It’s the best. And reasonably priced. 

Song you are listening to on repeat: Justin Timberlake’s cover of the Jacksons’ “Shake Your Body”

Hair trend you wish would go away: crazy intense punky funky colors…seeing less of them now….  I prefer pretty and natural-looking color! 

One product you can’t live without: Marco Anti Frizz Leave In Conditioner. Everyone who uses it can’t get enough of it! They call it “hair crack”, it’s addictive. I don’t comb through a single head of hair at my salon without it…and I use it every day on my own hair.

Always in your fridge: I love fresh squeezed organic orange juice! It’s expensive, but its taste and my health are worth it! 

You can follow Marco on Instagram @MarcoPelusi