Creed Home Fragrance

During the pandemic has really made me focus on my home. Since we have spent so much time in our homes I feel like we need to make our homes our sanctuaries especially during these crazy times. For me that has to do with not only making my home feel peaceful but the scents I have in my home. I just tried Creed’s new home fragrance and candle in Birmanie Oud.

Oud is a scent that reminds me of the Middle East and my best friends that live there. I was first introduced to the scent when I was in college and have loved it ever since. Birmanie Oud is such a warm scent that it gives me all the cozy feels. Not only does it remind me of the people I love it also makes my home smell elegant, feel warm and makes my house feel like a home.

The candle is so beautiful it is mixed with tonka bean so that it has a softer scent than the woody oud. It is the perfect combination. I burn it in my bedroom in the evening when I am ready to relax and wind down. I also use the home fragrance spray which I spray through out my home to keep that cozy feeling when I get stressed. The scent will last for hours in my home after I spray it. I want to stock up on some of the other candles and home sprays for different rooms in my house so I can create different ambiances and moods.