When it comes to nutrition it’s hard to keep up with what we should be taking. If you want to start living a healthier lifestyle, you can start by adding adaptogens into your diet. If you don’t know what an adaptogen is I’ll explain. Adaptogens are non-toxic natural substances like herbs, roots, and plants that help aid & releave body stressors. Many of them are hard to take because they don’t taste good. Until now, I recently started taking Grummies which are gummies that are made with superfoods like Ashwagandha, Elderberry & Apple Cider Vinegar. They are so good that it’s hard not to take more than the daily dose. I hide the bottles from myself so that I’m not tempted.

Let’s start with Ashwagandha. This is made from a root and normally it tastes very earthy so a lot of people do not take it because the flavor is pretty strong. In Grummie form it’s not as strong, you can taste it but it has a nice little earthy taste without the bitterness and a touch of sweetness that is added with apricots. Ashwagandha is good to lower anxiety, reduces stress, improving your mood which leads you to have a good nights rest. It will help with how deep you sleep and you’ll feel well rested. It also helps regulate cortisol levels if your cortisol levels are high this can cause weight gain. When your adrenal gland is healthy and your cortisol levels are functioning properly it helps with your metabolism, reduces inflammation, and helps boost memory. I’m almost done with my bottle so I will order more!

If you’re like me you probably have tried taking Apple Cider Vinegar but can’t drink it. I hate the taste and when I drink it I feel like it’s burning all of my insides. The Grummies ACV is so good, they taste the best. I take them at night before bed because it’s my treat. Apple Cider Vinegar is good for so many things like digestion, appetite management, detoxing, gut biome, heart health and more. You’ll be hooked on these, trust me.

Elderberry was a hot subject as soon as the pandemic happened and that’s because it boosts your immune system. If you haven’t started making it part of your daily routine, it’s not too late. The Elderberry Grummies are 150mg of Organic Sambucus Elderberry which is three times more than most of whats on the market. Besides boosting your immune system, it helps fight free radicals, is heart healthy, and helps with your respiratory system.