Spring Into A Healthy Lifestyle

Spring is here and maybe the whole pandemic you stayed in your bed watching Netflix and eating snacks like I did. Now I am trying to lose that pandemic weight I gained but I also just want to go back into my old ways of eating clean and living a healthy lifestyle.

I needed something that jumpstarted my diet. I did a cleanse with YourSuper.Com. I did their Detox Bundle. I love this because it’s a five day detox that will help you get into the habit of being mindful of what you are eating. It’s a good way to start your health and nutrition journey. It helps with bloating, inflammation, sleep, energy and your immune system. It comes with four mixes that are easy to use and a starter back which is great because it’s samples of all of their products and they are individually packed that you can take them with you. It also comes with a 5-day detox plan booklet and and detox e-book.

I can’t live without my Skintē’s. It’s a tea that contains 3000mg of collagen. Usually, I hate a flavored tea but these tea’s are fresh, not sweetened and once you have one you’ll be hooked. Collagen is not only good for your skin but it’s good for bone health, your joints, connective tissue and so much more. Many of us buy collagen powders but if you’re like me, you’ll forget to use it every day. With Skintē it’s an easy way to take your collagen and they are so refreshing. Run, don’t walk to get these.

You have probably heard people talking about gut health. If you don’t know why you need to make sure you have a healthy gut, I’ll tell you why. Your gut is connected to overall body health. Having a healthy guy contributes other parts of your body like having a strong immune system, improves heart health, brain health, boosts mood, improves sleep, helps with digestion and prevents you from diseases. I started taking INBLOOM created by Kate Hudson. She has a whole line of products that I want to try now. I have only started using Probiotic Balance. One capsule has two billion CFUs (colony forming units). If you need your body back into balance this is what you need to add to your daily routine.

One thing we should all be doing is eating foods and taking supplements that will help boost our immunity. I think that people have been more aware of their immunity health because of the pandemic. One thing I take is Irish Moss from Algenist. This powder contains Irish Moss, Tomatoes, Vitamin C + E to help boost our immunity and fight off free radicals from our environment. It will also help boost healthy skin! It’s easy to use you can add it to food like hummus, your morning smoothie or just add it to water or your favorite drink.

I noticed now that things are starting to open up more that when I am out I am a little foggy because I’m trying to get back into my old routine. With so much happening I needed something to keep me clear and also keep my mood calm. I know a lot of my friends have expressed they have felt anxious being out. Sunwink came out with two supplements that will help with that, Cacao Clarity and Berry Calm. These will help with managing stress, focus and clarity. They are powders that are filled with superfoods and you can use them in many ways from mixing them with water to baking with them. They have tonics that are ready to drink that I also want to try.

If you haven’t been eating your greens you can start today by taking Bare Organics Marine Super Greens Immunity Blend Powder. I love everything from Bare Organics. I have tried several of their products and always recommend them. I love that this powder is Raw Organic and is made with the best greens for your body. They are also a socially responsible brand so all of their containers you can repurpose. I use mine to store other things when I am done. I finished mine and need to order more from them.

If you need a cleanse because you have been eating bad or you just feel sluggish. Solluna’s Feel Good Detoxy is great way to cleanse quickly. It’s a gentle way to eliminate toxins, it helps you get rid of bloat and helps you maintain a healthy body weight. It’s gentle and will get rid of stagnant toxins that have been in your body.