Creed Aqua Orignale Iris Tubéreuse

My longest relationship has been with Creed Fragrances, I have been wearing it for 28 years. I first started wearing Creed since I was 11 when I went to Paris with my mom and she told me to choose any fragrance that I liked and it was Creed’s Fleurissmo, I have never looked back. Creed is really my favorite fragrance line, all the fragrances that I have tried are elegant, timeless and beautiful. They have been in every party of my life from my happiest of moments to the most difficult ones and I’ll continue to make memories with them. I use to only wear Fleurissmo but I started to venture out and try others from the fragrance house.

Creed has just come out with their Aqua Orignale’s which is collection of fragrances that come from Olivier Creed’s Travels. Each one tells a story and holds memories. I am going to be creating my own memories with Creed Iris Tubéreuse which is a very soft and romantic scent. It is alluring, the perfect mix of sweet and sexy. It has notes of violet, tuberose, creamy vanilla and orange blossom. There is also musk in it to tie in the sexiness. What I love about Iris Tubéreuse is that when you smell it you are transported to your favorite summer destination, mine is the South of France. It’s an enchanting scent. It’s light and airy but also sultry and sexy. Just like summer.

It’s the perfect fragrance to take you from spring into those warm summer nights. I would describe it as sultry, sensual and innocent. All of Creed’s fragrances are elegant and captivating. This one is my new go to. I have been wearing it all day and catch myself wearing it before bed because it makes me feel happy. This is one you’ll want to add to your collection. Just spray a little so people have to lean into you to smell it, that’s this kind of fragrance.